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“Many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are.”- J.K. Rowling

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Why Inspire Creation

For me, vulnerability is the gateway to creativity, and creativity is the gateway to development and transformation. And, it is inside how we grow and transform ourselves that inspiration occurs. People often associate inspiration with the external world, as did I once, yet inspiration like everything, comes from within.

How we think directly impacts how we feel, and how we feel is directly associated with whether we find ourselves and life inspiring.

Like any other developmental concept inspiration and creativity can be developed. You can learn about new tools and new practices to insert more time in your life to focus on your creative self.

Right now you may be thinking, well, wait, I’m not terribly creativity, or I’m not creative at all. That’s okay. I have a broader understanding of creativity, and I’ll let you in on a little secret.

All human beings are creative. All of us. When we are creative, we are accessing and expressing our human potential. Creativity that is unexpressed is human potential unexpressed. Very important.

What Inspire Creation

Whether you are interested in leadership development, or personal development and transformation, both include expressing our creative selves. In fact, I was talking with a colleague the other day, saying that leadership for me synonymous with creativity; as is my personal development and transformation. Same.

Without accessing your unique creative contribution, development is more difficult, and transformation is impossible.

In the article, Creativity During COVID-19 Part II: The Need For Creative Contributions, I write about the need for creativity contributions more today than ever before. If you are wondering more about creativity, please take a look.

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And, if it’s been years since you’ve been creative, that’s not a problem. Nor is it if you feel or think you are not creative. Not a problem. I spent years being uncreative. Really.

However, as I reflect back on that time in my life, I was still creative. No, not as much as today, yet because creativity is where we access our highest potential, and power, we are always creating something. Always.

In our conversation we will recreate creativity. Look at creativity from a different perspective, so you can see how you’ve really always been creative. And, if you are blocked today, or stuck, no problem.

We will get you you unstuck and moving and creating once again. Creativity is not just a beautiful painting, like above, or a lovely ceramic jar you’ve created. Creativity is everywhere and in everything.

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The goals you’ve set, the priorities you’ve developed, and the love you give out are all part of your creative self. All of them.You are living inspiration.

How Inspire Creation

As was aforementioned, in the article COVID-19 and Creativity Part II: The Need for Creative Contributions, I talk about the desperate need today for everyone’s creative contributions. Really. We are needed like never before to live vulnerably, creatively, and actively. And, so can you. How?

For those that believe they are not creative, it starts with a recognition of a need deep within yourself to unlock your creative potential. For those people that are already in touch with their creative-self, yet would like to create more, create in totally different ways, it begins with a similar recognition. A recognition that there is more you can learn and do.

In both cases, it begins with a willingness to let go of what we believe we know about the world, and step into new ways of thinking, learning, and creating. Inspirational.

And, then? Get in touch with me. Really. I often say that it is inside of collaborative contexts that I learn the most. I learn the most about myself, those I surround myself with, and about our shared humanity.