The Sound of Series #5: The Sound of Rainfall

Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

Do you like the sound of rainfall? Though I’ve never liked being out in the rain all that much, I do like to listen to the rain. There is something quite soothing about the sound of rainfall.

The simple pitter patter of rain as it hits the roof of a house, cascading down on its way to the rain gutter, eventually emptying onto the street below.

When I was a kid, I remember lying in my bed on rainy nights, and focusing on the sound. I love that sound. Rain reminds me of comfort, shelter, and protection. I’m not sure why this is so, yet it is.

There are also different types of rain. The kind that comes down so hard that when you are out in it, you are drenched in minutes, or even less. When we were on the East Coast a couple of years ago, we were in a rain storm like that, phew. LOTS of rain.

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I remember running into a store to buy something for our trip, and by the time I was at the store’s entrance, I was completely soaked. Funny. It was late summer, in Philadelphia, I think, and was warm, so in some ways it felt rather refreshing.

Then there is the rain that just drizzles, or mists, all the time. More like how the rain falls where I live now. You can be out in this type of misting rain for a long time without becoming very wet. Yet, it does rain a lot here, so it depends on how long you plan to be out in it.

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There is also the type of rain that accomanies a monsoon. When we were in Arizona, we got this type of rain. Not all that often, yet when there is a monsoon, you can get a lot of rain, sometimes in a very short period of time.

Sometimes monsoons come in the late summer, and can feel awfully refreshing. Sort of like a cleansing of the very arid and hot desert. Needed.

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Rain is something that we need. When you live in certain parts of the country, you may not get much, sort of like when you live in Los Angeles; so, when it does rain, it is needed, and welcomed. Well, maybe not by everyone. Yet they would probably even agree that it is needed.

In the Pac Northwest, not an issue. Plenty of rain here. Really only doesn’t rain about two months a year, July and August, and even in those two months, you can get rain. Interesting that I now live in an area with so much rain. Paradoxically enjoyable.

I like to listen and be in the rain the most at the coast. There is something about rain hitting water, whether that is a lake, river, stream, or the ocean. I love the sound of rainfall most in these contexts.

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For me, it is like getting the best of two of my favorite sounds. As I wrote about in The Sound of Series #1: The Sound of the Ocean, I love the sound of the ocean. The coming in and going back out of the tide, and when you add in rainfall, you get both that pitter, patter, of rain, along with those lovely inhalations and exhalations of the sea. I do truly love the sound of rainfall.

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