the love of one another

I drop to my knees,
and give thanks
for the silence

this moment
and that, as common
as past circumstance


I dream of you
in the blue,
and look forward
to our next meeting, stay in tune

would you?

lead me
from this dream,
into another phase
of the magical stream

flowing this way, and that,
I consider all the options,
weighing down
the rocks and trees,
and choose to sit silently

breathing in and out,
just like the flower
sends love to the bee,
I think about
the ways in which
you touch my being, and
make the twirls go around and under

the love of one another

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

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every single ounce of you…

knock, knock,
goes the paradox,
as we watch
the summer end, and
heads towards
another equinox…

left behind
in the summer rain,
smells of you,
while I deliberately
take respite out of view, and

a fallen star
with all the love
in my heart, and
prepare to bid you adieu…

toward the mountains,
while I bound over
the trail less trodden, and

with the flowers
of longer days,
and lingering scents
which remind me
of what’s true…

dreaming again,
who comes into view,
as my heart swells
with the effervescence
of the new,
and I prepare
to cherish
every single ounce
of you…

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Word Weaving – A Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse

I’m excited to announce that one of my haiku’s was accepted into the first edition of Word Weaving – A Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse.

You can read more about the journal at the Word Weaving blog. The print book will be out on October 1, and the Kindle version is already available for preorder! You can order the Kindle version here.

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heart-centered relatedness

sun sets, afire with
an afterglow
of the morrow, as sorrow
wells in my chest, lest we forget
the many scars
imbedded in the net

of my beingness…

one step forward,
looking out
over the vastness
of this planets loveliness,
I digress, and ponder
the reality from within
my own knowingness, as

love spreads out
from the seas,
and through the air,
from here to there,
making its way
into the hearts
of all
that live inside
of this planet’s
heart-centered relatedness

In response to the WDYS #99 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

Image credit; Kenrick Mills @Unsplash

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of a love so pristine

Photo by Nurullah نورالله التركي on Unsplash

splinters wood,
and you tried
as hard
as you could

in each instance

a different
set of circumstances,
presented, just as
the flower
reminds me
of the love in forever

we daydream,
and cast our nets
into the stream,
consciousness, in-between

you and me

far as it seems,
it is here,
and now, just
as it was
intended to be

a dream?

maybe, yet
does it really matter
to the flower, or
the stream…

they continue
to flower, and
continue to stream
of what comes up
on their inner screen

how serene, and

is this dream
we call
a reality
of all
that we’ve gleaned

of a love so pristine

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I Breathe in the Ocean, Published at MasticadoresIndia

I am so pleased to announce that my poem, I Breathe in the Ocean, is now available at MasticadoresIndia. Another big thank you to Terveen Gill, and the team at MasticadoresIndia for their support, and for publishing this piece.

I Breathe in the Ocean
is it
so difficult
to grasp
the meaning
of a life
lived upon the…

I would be honored if you would go here and read the rest of my poem. Thank you!

Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash

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