Tanka #1

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Slowly, the rain falls,
we rejoice in the moment.
And then it is gone.
I await, the next moment
Feeling frenzied with delight.

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Haiku #4

A meadow landscape,
Flower, just like a skyscraper.
Bee alights, then night.

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A Letter

Image credit; Simona Sergi @ Unsplash

You’ve written
Before, and yet
No more,

I dangle a letter
To lure you back,

Unsure I am,
About the portended

Will our existence
Be reminiscent
Of the letter
In hand?

Now a grandstand

An audience to
Itself, suspended
Mid air

A trifle, and flare,
Of opportunity
Encased in

Just like the roses,
I gave you

And you shook your
Head, in favour of a

Nod instead

And, though
I bled with anticipation

There really is
No mysterious
For my withdrawal

Only the wonder
Which I see
While in

As thoughts of
Give way to dreams,
Which are sometimes

Pleasant, and
At other times not
So, so,
Dear, give way to

My hearts present

Which is adorned, and
Ready to give way
While you stay

Only know I’m here

Which is where
I’ll remain
Until that day,

When you return,

And walk through that door,
Taking the note, now
Dangling no more,

And read about
The love that’s flourished
While you were gone,

Now holding hands, like
Time never elapsed,
As we await the dawn.

In response to the WDYS #65 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

I often wonder,
what it is about

that causes
such a

from deep within.

There are times
when I’m smitten
with a grin,
as I

ponder and reflect
my life as a child.

about the thunder
that would rain down

when we least expected

And then?

hiding, and trying to find
a place to not be affected

by it.

And, as I write that last
stanza, it occurs to me,
the “it”
in compilation, is unseen

and hidden from view.

A mysterious, and, yes,
often ominous feeling,
even when the thunder
was not dealing it’s clatter.

Hiding under bed,
waiting, worrying, and
unofficially praying for a stead-
fast reprieve

form the hidden noise.

And, oh, what a joy!

When finally released
from the deluge
of noise,

which overwhelmed
my every sense
until, finally,


did return.

And, I could crawl
from underneath,

and, once again,
breathe in

salty air
from the rain,
which did just fall.

Oh, thunder, you
are oft criticized, and
yet, are a part of
Nature, so I

do surmise,

you are elegant
in your ways.

And, I do always
pray, for a return
of the rain.

So if you must
also return,
very well,

I will prepare
as needed,

see you thunder,
on the other
side of


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Haiku #3

Blades of grass splinter,
A raven flies overhead.
Not separate. One.

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A Blogger’s Diary 1/17/21: On Writing, A 21st Birthday, and Overwhelm

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Well, as I mentioned in my last entry, last week was the first week of the term, and we were busier than we have been since the pandemic started.

I’ll have more to write about that in a minute. First, let’s take a look at the writing that occurred this week.


There we go.

It was great to put a period on the lengthy second installment of the Leadership Series. In installment 3, we will look at creating and developing teams. Will be fun.

Alright, and next week?

Well, I already have another Haiku scheduled, as well as a Tanka poem. I also have an article on intention and the last installment in My One Thing: Creating Alignment in Our Lives.

I also have some new ideas, which I’ll get to writing about in the next month or two. Here are a few of those ideas.

  • The Leadership Series Part 3
  • A new series on leadership, called Leading from Within
  • An article on the law of attraction
  • And, of course, I’ll have new entries in both the developmental moments and reflection series in the next few weeks.

Alright, how about birthdays.


Well, my oldest son turned 21 this week, and my youngest will turn 17 in May. Phew. It is hard to believe, and then not, that these boys are so grown.

I am so impressed with who they are becoming as young men, and am so proud of them both. A lucky father, am I.

Alright, Justin’s birthday was this past week, so he was over Saturday night, and I made a spinach salad with baked tofu (breaded with panko and slightly fried), and brown sugar butternut squash bread.

Both were super tasty, though I will write that the bread was a little sweet for my tastes. Here is the recipe for the bread, and a couple of pics.



As I already mentioned, last week we had our busiest week of registration since the pandemic started. Of course, this also means that the team was super busy, and, each of them, at different times and at different levels, experienced overwhelm. Yes, me included.

On Wednesday it occurred to me, though not for the first time, that we are all inundated with stimulation, and it occurs differently inside of the pandemic. Meaning, many of us are on technology more than ever before; and it is needed and necessary to move our work forward.

However, being aware of creating quiet space is also needed and necessary. I think it is needed more now than ever before, and necessary to keep us centered and in balance.

Thus, I sent the team the following message on Wednesday. Subject line: Please read today: Taking the time needed.

Hi all,
Phew, what a busy week!
I am so impressed by each of you, by the work and possibilities we continue to create for our community. 
A record number of registrations continue to come in!
And, just as our record number of registrations is a beautiful thing to see and be a part of, we have all felt, in some way this week, overwhelmed by the work we are engaged in.
I’ve said what I am about to write, in just about every meeting this week. 
We all need to create time to put the work down, and just be. Be outside in the sun, if it is sunny as it is today, be in a quiet space in our homes, be, well, wherever you can create time for yourself that is away from technology and stimulation.
I am asking each of you to continue to create this time for yourselves when needed. You will see on my calendar today at 1 pm, a walk scheduled. I will be away from my computer and phone for 45 minutes.
Please do the same when you can. It can be 10 minutes, 20, or longer, just take that time, and be.
Great work this week, team!!!!!


Now, I’ve written before about being overstimulated, and being overwhelmed is similar, and, in fact, can function the same way.

We all need time away from everything and everyone.

As you move throughout your week, I invite you to create this time for yourself. Create time for yourself, to be with yourself. Just for you.

And, take that time to breathe, witness all that surrounds you and is within you, and just be.

Have a wonderful week.

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Photo by Fredrik Solli Wandem on Unsplash

I sit
By your beauty

The sparkling movement
In your form,

Just like the day
I was born,

I am always
Mesmerized, and
At the same time


At the way
You linger,
In my imagination

As if
My plate
Is full of magic paper

You are fed
Until there is not a shred

I turn my
Head, and wonder
Where you went, or

You may send
In your

The whisper
Your glow

And the magnificence

The smoke
That billows out
From your coals

Of life, for they
Do suffice, to continue
Your magic, until,
Of course,

There is no
More, and, yes,

That can feel

Yet, you’ll
Be there in the dawn

Because your
Sister, is awaiting
In arms, to rise

And provide
Us a new day,

And, upon this,
I can now lay

At your feet

For you’re the fire,
The existence,
Of my life sweet

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Photo by Yuichi Kageyama on Unsplash

Just like contemplation,
Is fascination,

In all things, it’s apparent,
When you stare
Into what’s already there

Just like the single
We might take for granted,

The star
Shooting across the sky
For a reason why

Is always so persistent,
And driving humanity

Towards the heavens
Just like a feather,

Someone’s fingertips,

Like when we
Were little, and
All of life was a


Before the
Of another round
Of detritus

From the tree
Upon the ground, and

We looked on
In astonishment,
As the witness
Of all the bliss

And blessings,
For which we did see

Did hold our attention,
While the world
Did continue

To go round and round,

And we left the playground
For a life full of
Adult things,

Less fascination,
Yet, when you really look, and
See, you will find
That fascination

Still holds true,

When you
Let go, and stay present
To all the beauty,
That’s right in front of you

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Haiku #2

The absence of thought,
Like a dew drop in repose.
Floats away, not caught.

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Image credit; Timur Kozmenko

Before us, stands
The gateway,
To another

When life was full
Of promises, which
We held close to heart,
Even in times

That gave us a start, and now

As we prepare to cross
That boundary once again,
Dear friend,
Let’s remember

To let go of our preconceived

Notions of what life
Is supposed to be,

You see
Those illusions are based on
Something else

Altogether, reminiscence, yes,
Yet, all so very different

And now?

Before us, we have
A real chance
To start again,

Entering a new realm
Of possibility,
Where hope
Languishes in the air

Just like when life was simple,

And the flowers bloom
With a malodorous
Effect, which, I suspect,

Creates more potential
In each and every

Of life,

All one has to do,
Is cross the threshold,
And behold, all that’s
Awaiting you

Just on the other side
Of that gateway
Where your

Will continue to unfold

In response to prompt WDYS#64 from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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