stamped and sealed

my emotions crumble, as the weight of the world

walking in the forest, I pick cherry pits from
the ceiling


loose the heavens upon my heart, with one wish
and prayer

I dare

to walk among the trees, and see faith in humanity

a dream

when worlds collide among egoistic travesties

crimson colored roses, remind me of bloodshed and

in the moment

resting along the thorns, dreams leak from my eyes,
as arises


while peace lives on the other side, in an envelope
of bliss

I send it along with my heart, stamped and sealed with a kiss

Sending all of my love and prayers to the people of Ukraine. We stand with you.

Photo by neelam279, Pixabay

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smoke and mirrors

wrath is misplaced, as are watching metaphors

into smoke and mirrors, telegraphing you from
afar, trees become

as I stare into oblivion, violence becoming, nay,
let’s stray, and instead

peace and love, along the hills we keep running

tips touching, lingering effects take shape, and
into our hearts
stars, and

we place, with zeal and frenzy, calling you home,
nested in a heart-shaped

named after you and me, love’s alcove

Photo by Prettysleepy, Pixabay

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The Month in Review, February 2022: At Home & Work, My Debut Poetry Book, A Spillwords Nomination & A Poem, and Spark

At Home & Work

Photo by 422737, Pixabay

At home this month, I’ve been continuing to stay vigilant about the pandemic, which simply means that I am home often. The paradox about this reality is that the State of Oregon recently announced that they will be lifting the mask mandate by the end of March.

The news about lifting the mask mandate fills me with excitement and anxiety, which is very normal as these two emotions are closely related to each other. I also know wearing a mask is an individual choice, and I will continue to wear my mask until I choose differently.

Exciting news came by way of my oldest son Justin this month, as I learned that he has been placed at Mercedes Benz for his second and last University internship. Justin is extremely excited, and I am as proud as a parent can be.

The team and I have also just recently produced the Spring Term schedule of classes, which is always a lot of work, and is an exciting time in the department. Lastly, I’ve been preparing to welcome our new hire to the team, which will occur in about two weeks. 

All in all, it’s been super busy, and, yep, super fun.

My Debut Poetry Book

Photo by Mysticsartdesign, Pixabay

As you all know, I’ve been contemplating compiling and publishing a debut poetry book for some time.

When I learned about Ingrid Wilson’s new endeavor with Experiments in Fiction, which you can read more about here, it felt like the perfect opportunity and partnership.

Ingrid and I have signed an agreement, which means that sometime this fall/winter my debut poetry book will be available. I will keep you all updated as this moves forward. 

I am so excited!

A Spillwords Nomination & A Poem

I was elated to find out Saturday that I was nominated for Author of the Month at Spillwords Press. If you have a moment, I would be honored if you would go here and cast your vote. Thank you!

Voting is open through Monday, February 28.


Phtoto by guvo59, Pixabay

I’ve been reflecting upon and contemplating the concept of Spark the past two weeks. The concept arose organically within the team about two weeks ago. 

In the youth developmental literature, Spark is associated with the Thriving theoretical framework. In short, developing a youth’s spark is positively correlated with thriving indicators and outcomes. 

The above referenced article is decent, and here is a short two page theoretical framework, which includes the definition of spark listed below, developed by my graduate school advisor, Mary E. Arnold.

“A spark is a passion for a self- identified interest or skill, or a capacity that metaphorically lights a fire in a young person’s life, providing energy, joy, purpose, and direction” Mary E. Arnold

Oregon State University 4-H

What does all this mean?

Pragmatically, it simply means that when a person is ignited and excited from within, they feel better, and are more engaged and empowered.

It’s a very important practice to develop this kind of excitement on teams and within organizations. Actually it’s important for each of us as human beings on this planet to make sure our spark is always ignited, which is why I wanted to write about it this month.

If you have a spark and know what it is, amazing; if not, you can develop it at any time, and if your spark has dwindled, which happens, you can also reignite it at any time.

Spark is not a static concept, following a linear trajectory. Passion and excitement wax and wane, and they also change directions; and, that is okay. What’s most important is to always fuel our passion for life; and when that passion wanes, to reimagine and reignite it.

Photo by oleg_mit , Pixabay

I felt impelled to write here that I stand with the citizens of Ukraine, and vehemently oppose the actions Russia is taking. Strength and power come through peace and love, not through war and violence. The latter are the products of egotism and narcissism, the former, of beauty and solidarity.

My love, blessings, and prayers for safety go out to everyone in Ukraine.

Alright, that’s all for this month.

Sending you all love, and wishing you a beautifully blessed March.

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life is already alight

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

running so deep,
it’s as if the being
calling me forth,

is interested

in fractured ways
of living,
splitting me
in two,
as I continue
to learn more
about the entry
to heavens’ door


on this earth,
in this moment

to the love within
every being, and
living thing
on this
beautiful planet
pulling me towards

with a fervor,
to ignore

we listen,
hear the heartache,
hold the pieces
of being together
with theirs,
in a dance
of past mistakes,
future worries,
and steps one may take

call them
to the gift
in the stillness
of this

a gift, which

requires quietness,
and listening
with all your might

upon your intention,
and an inner-knowing
that all of life
is already

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