The Brilliance of Life, Published at MasticadoresUSA

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I am so pleased to announce that my poem, The Brilliance of Life, is now available at MasticadoresUSA. Another big thank you to, Gabriela Marie Milton, and the team at MasticadoresUSA for their support, and for publishing this piece.

The Brilliance of Life

My heart breaks
with every
breath I take,
and though
I’ll keep moving,
there are times when
I just sit still,
and let the emotions
wash over me…

I would be honored if you would go here and read the rest of my poem. Thank you!

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another story all its own

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my feet
feel the grass
beneath me,
and inside, I
smile secretly,
and think
about the next scene

joined forever, like
two lovers,
first met, when
they were young
enough to remember,
the next phase instead

of a memory

of something else,
harkening back
not so gently,
to the first time
you came into view,
and I fled

your embrace,
altogether longing,
yet, I just kept running,
thinking too much,
feeling not enough, and
making way on my own

shrill and stuffed

from the voluminous
that filled my mind,
and are impossible,
at times,
to deny,
to rewind,
nor find

lost, and

as it may seem
on my inner-screen,
I get up again,
let the tears come
as they may, pray,
and ask for
forgiveness each day

life is lived
inside of
you and me,
and when
we need to scream,
it’s all okay, as

the feelings come
we want
them to or not,
and, in fact,
only makes them
until we’re grown

through them

is another
all its own,
filled with hope
and, the glory shown

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wash away all the fears

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the sky bleeds
each day,
itself in its journey,
which, yes,
is sometimes
frayed around
the edges, and is also
pure warmth
in its acceptance

a knowing
we hold
deep inside,
reminds us to

to the sky, in
times of worry,
knowing we shall
see all of ourselves
in the glory we behold
on an early morning

sun rising,
golden delight,
washing the daytime
woes away,
with a single brushstroke
of warmth,
and rays,

filling the volumes
of our souls
with an everlasting
energy, and healing presence,
especially when
we are
feeling sad, and
so diminished


when we
are quaking, and
in need of safety,
to look up, and
allow the light
to enter
your heart,

wash away
all the fears that
we continue to
hold dear

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contemplation magical

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fine grains of sand
nestled together,
like peas in a bed,
or you and me
in our stead

is the way life
comes and goes,
and ready’s us
for the next stage
in our show

hard loving, and
living, take their
toll, as we begin
to notice
as time slows

us down

and we ready
for another part
of the larger parcel,
weaved together before
our eyes ever sparkled

stitches woven
with great care,
we cherish each one
in their place,
as we touch the
of their grace, which

lives in
our inner

and spells, and
feels like,
anything, and
everything, but

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beyond the horizon

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I love to stare off
into the distance, and
witness the birth,
and newness of each
arising, sometimes
and always, always,

me, while

moving me
from deep within,
to another place
and time, and
rejoining me
all my kin

beyond hope,
and fear, a land
full of dreams, which
comes and goes, as quick
as my heart beats thin

slowly dancing
to each moments
memory, and
the scope
of our collective hope

I realize these moments
last an eternity,
as the leaves
cascade down
from their mast

and, I

my eyes beyond
the horizon, breathe
in deep,
and thank everyone,
and everything
around me
for the solitude,
and joyousness
I feel at last

The Moments Prose Published at Spillwords!

I would be honored if you would visit Spillwords and read, and or, reread my poem, The Moments Prose, thank you.

Have you ever lost a love
so close,
it’s left you spinning,
and in need
of a heart to slow?

It’s as if you tucked
this love away….

You can read the rest of The Moments Prose, here. Thank you again, my friends.

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