Beyond Time

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Love breathes life
into my being, as I stare
out the window of time,
and gaze back
at all of my past crimes.

They are detailed before
me front and center,
by the pane of censure.

Cracks in the glass of being,
splinter without a care,
radiating out like a spider’s
web of intoxicating pleasure.

And, just now?

I’m pulled back
from my reverie, and
breathe in deep, knowing
that the past, like the future,
only live in the mind’s shallow glass.

While, conversely,

full is the being
without mind,
always present,
and beyond time.

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The Fabric of Accessorised Attachment: Amber and Jeff (4)

When I look inside,
sometimes is found a diatribe,
of ideas, which are
moving and shaping
without the knowledge
of the receiver.

Egoic mind in motion,
suffering extending roots
from craving to attachment.
Blinding light of awareness,
are you afraid of the
parallax light would perform?

Following these ideas
from here to there
is often pale,
until that is,
we get beyond
the veil.

We often accessorize
to people and ideas
too comfortably
with the gates to our heart
with hope,
the void of emptiness
remains when the
filled absence
has dissolved.

We must then
make headway,
and, stay resolved,
by being open
to all that’s at our door,
while we learn more
about humanities very core.

Welcome others to be who
they truly are,
by mirroring and refracting
off Self.
Don’t force situations,
solutions once submerged emerge,
uncertainty is reality,
delve into it.

is a wise teacher, and
can shed light
on the ideas
we struggle with,
while we bundle close
and pray for
our very souls.

Detachment does not
mean that you should own nothing,
but that nothing should own you.
Soaring above the
high planes,
be enrolled experience
yet not of it.

Experience as the guide,
please abide, and
delight yourself in the fabric
of reality within view,
while ensconcing
yourself in the mystery
of all that is hidden within you.

Created by Amber of DiosRaw, and myself.

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Photo by Mario Álvarez on Unsplash

the mind ponders
and creates at will, so
watch, listen, and sit in
the silence in-

The name of this style of poem is called the Hexastich. It took me some time to get to writing one of these. It was fun.

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Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

Though we run
After our thoughts often

And, feel behind

Know that this
Is only
A manifestation

Of the mind

Running after itself
In a
Convoluted loop
Expressed as so

Since the beginning of time

Though, as we begin
To pay attention
And have


That this is so
We learn
To sit

Notice our thoughts

As they come and go

They are
An expression
Of memories from afar

Which we need not
Trod to bring to heel

Rather, sitting
And watching can
Bring the freedom,
And healing

Which is such a natural

So, friend, do sit
And partake in all
The splendor your mind
Can conjure

And release the burden
Which are brought
A second thought

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The River

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

The river flows
Just as the wind blows
And the streams
In our veins grow

With life

A beautiful and tranquil
Of a long, and
Adored magnificence

Bending to the right
A mighty flight
Of fancy

Even prancy with delight

A memory of times
Gone by, yet
Filled with light


And sparkling
As the sun shines
And the water dances
For the heavens, and is

Now beckoned

To the left
Never bereft
Only filled with
Sweet and blessed


Of Mind
Which is sublime
Each and every

Moment at a time

Breathe in deep, then
My friend, and
Take each
And every moment in

As their magnificence
Is a mirror
Of your very existence

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