lonely trails

I walk
along lonely trails
desolate footpaths, where my heart

in an economy of grief
and despair

these two feelings
come without thought or conception

relegating needs to another

a place to lay down our weights

pick up the threads of love, lingering
in the shade

they continue to take shape

Photo by 1162835, Pixabay

My Dearest Friends,

Beginning next week, and continuing for the remainder of this calendar year, I am traveling within and without the country. The travel combined with my ever iterating and changing professional life will demand more of me, which means I will be less active here going forward. I will still visit your sites, and read your beautiful poetry and writings, however, it will be less often. I will also post less often.

I am choosing to pause, possibly indefinitely, the weekly prompt. As to next year’s collaborative project, I am still very passionate about making this happen, yet at this time, cannot write here, when, or how that will go next year; know that when I know, you will too.

Please know I am very well; all of the changes are positive, and I am very excited about them, though, paradoxically, I am sad about taking more time away from this space. This is how life goes, though, we never know what we will be gifted, and when we are open to all of life’s gifts, we walk into them with open arms.

I will update you here as my schedule and professional life continue to take shape in the coming months.

All my love and blessings,


Jeff Flesch

Author, #1 Amazon New Release Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow

Co-Author, #1 Amazon Bestseller, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women

Author of the Month, Jan/Feb 2022, Spillwords Press

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Image credit; Eric Muhr @ Unsplash

The trail winds to the left, and, yes
Sometimes I do feel bereft, yet not usually
When I’m in this scene, which is just like a dream.

Something from the fiction books, beautiful and deeply
Colored earth underfoot, stunning shrubbery and foliage
Descending and ascending on either side, reminding me
Of such kinder times. Trees as tall as the sky, looking up, feeling
Dizzy, and completely in love with this misty morning.

A deep grin catches my eye, as I continue to fly
Along the trail, listening to only my heart beat,
and the sounds of the forest underneath.

Being present, I let the thoughts drop back,
One foot in front of the other, breathe in deep,
and remember we are all in this play for keeps.

In response to the WDYS #74 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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