Haiku #23

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memories forged of
another place and time, we
sit and ponder this

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The tree stands,
some in light
and some in shadow

A whimsical
feeling soes foretell
of another
delightful place and time,
Where healing happens
in an instant
and all those issues
are gone before you’ve
glimpsed it.

It’s there
on the stairs,
again, calling
to all that care.

in all that’s seen
just like in a dream,
magical, mysterious,
and certainly glowing
with such effervescence
you wonder
if it’s really full
of that much pleasure.

You reconcile
the feeling
with a need for healing,
and realize,
the light’s always been
there. Guiding
and providing
you with direction
and much protection.

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Haiku #22

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twists and turns galore,
heart ready to explore, with
silence at your door

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Sealing and Healing

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Trauma and pain
go together,
and as I sit here
and type this poem,
I’m reflecting upon
this person’s pain, and
all of the memories
that are the impetus for such
agony and drain.

The memories
are like splinters
in my heart,
and run deep, just like
a fracture in the earth,
which, in times of
great consternation
split wide open,
spilling forth
the earth’s contents
from it’s very core.

just like our beautiful
Mother’s fractures,
these splinters of the heart,
widen with time,
until momentum enough
is created,
and everything comes
spilling forth.

this truth does not
live in isolation
from the sealing
and healing
of those splinters of heart,
and fractures of earth,
which gather together
over time.

their existence,
and filling them,
one and all,
with love and compassion
is a remedy
that I truly adore.

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Overlapping emotions
can be hard to juggle,
especially in times of struggle.
We may run, and
hide, yet still never forget
you may always abide.

In a presence within you,
which was created prior to
your becoming,
and all the little things of knowing.
There’s so much more to discover,
so let the music play, and
carry you away.

Dance and sing,
even when it stings.
For in those moments of
you are always burning bright,
with creation
and determination.

Just as you are now,
don’t fret, rather,
be that which you see
on those long cold nights,
when you feel frightened to
the bone. Chilled by indecision,
and all those misgivings
of your past collisions.

They are a part
of this worldly subsistence,
and, in fact, can teach us quite a lot
about our own resilience,
and mutually coexistence.

Remember also, my dear,
that we all have these moments
of indecision,
so be present to all that you are,
and never fear,
because you are a part
of a much grander

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Photo by Arun Clarke on Unsplash

Darkness envelops me
as I turn the corner,
and for one moment
there is a glimpse
of the mirror
refracting back light,
which startles me
with such delight.

I continue to

wander, and wonder
what it is we see
when we empty ourselves
of the trauma and pain
of a life spent yearning
and burning with such
it’s like someone else has given me
no restrictions.

As I pull away from the dream
I’m reminded of the pain,
and the knowing
that it’s okay to feel the burden,
which I spent a long time masking
with other versions

of a self made long, long, ago.

Another place and paradigm
fed and fueled me then.
Yet, it’s important to
look at the history,
while remembering that
all creation lives
in this stories
present mystery.

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Adjoining Hands

Photo by Piero Vitelli on Unsplash

I’ve been thinking
and reflecting
more upon childhood.
Those days, rich with innocence
and all that bliss.

Who’d a thunk
we’d be wandering and wondering
about those days
so much later,
as if time was encapsulated
in a tiny mirror, and we,
now looking back,
are trying to figure out
all that we missed.

During those days of
never ending joy, which
are quite often
With thoughts full of love,
which we can and do employ

as needed,
especially when it’s
just rightly seeded.

We reminisce.

And yet as we look into
that tiny mirror,
what we see is a mere reflection
of the love that’s
always been within.

Never wavering for a second,
that child’s love for the life lived,
is greater than any other
transient figure.

Love was there then,
is here now, and
will always be around.


When times are tough,
pull out that tiny mirror,
and gaze into
what you know is already there.

For they are still within you,
my dear friend,
and are simply awaiting
your adjoining hand.

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Remembering The Mirrored Child Within: Amber and Jeff (3)

Godly pure clay they came,
shaped then crafted
by environmental ruptures,
connected to Spirit,
adjacent to our home world,
this molded fabric weaves,
through the veil of amnesia.

in a brocade of vibrant colors
and images
of another place and paradigm,
as we left that ruptured line
and connection for a time.

Mirroring parental behaviour,
in the earthly realm,
observative as they are,
education brings the moment we see
children as innately wise and capable beings;
only then can we play along in their world.

Fitting into God’s plan,
to be of service to the divine.

Our invitation?

Shine a light
on all that you find within,
which came prior
to the social necessities laid bare
before you. Reconnection with Truth
is one of the greatest gifts
we can deliver to ourselves, and
all the rest of the fauna
and flora we find

Breaking the chains of illusion
necessitate the
familiarization with the Atman,
residing within the chambers
of the heart.

Seeded offspring from the
universal intelligence,
when you utter, leave an impression
on the young,
allowing them to embody
and fully love
who they have become.

To see the magical in the all
and be the teachers of the old by
remembering what you already know,
which lives within, and is free and clear.

Another lovely collaboration between Amber of DiosRaw and myself. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did writing it!

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Photo by Andrew Krasilnikov on Unsplash

from within you
the myriad trials,
and tribulations of
the past, instead
be here

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Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

The music fills me with such
love and beauty, it’s like free-falling
with all the best intentions, just now,
while the world shepherds a course
of direction, and I feel that deep connection.

I sit and let the music fill me, every nook and
cranny of my soul becomes engulfed in the
sound and feeling of all that’s there. Oh, such
devotion and care.

Care for ourselves is such an important
part of our journey. Sometimes we feel lost,
and unsure, even uncomfortable in our own skin,
even when we are with our kin. It’s not a demerit,
we all feel this way at times, so let your heart inherit.

The joy you feel within, as you take in the piano
paying a melody you swear was written for you, and
you grin.

The smile filling the room with joy and love,
it’s enough to absolve the remainder of the lost
souls, in which you do connect, as you see yourself
in their midst, and have lived through the tests, just
as they are now presently, giving their best.

Best is what we each carry, give out, and try
not to tarry. No, give all that you have, my friend,
and, when it’s time, let the music fill you and
begin the dance again.

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