The Present Moment

I breathe in the
Salted air, without
Any care.

Those have been left
Behind, in the meantime,
The focus is on what’s
Here and now.

The gravely trail,
Soft button, open,
And in some places
Quite frail.

The rocky shore
Splashed and assaulted
Continuously by the oceans

The gulls flying overhead,
Left their bed,
For their home in the
Air instead.

The people coming and
Going, taking in the
Sights, while the
Mist keeps blowing.

The present moment,
Clear and dear, and,
Yes, we are already

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Photo by Chester Ho on Unsplash

At play, gone by
Without a whisper

Of an oft remembered

As we long
For the days
Of play
When we were

Carefree and
At once


Of all
That surrounded

In touch with
Our true selves
The baggage

That comes with age

We can remove
What’s in our parcel
And let go

Of those unneeded

Scruples, and mis
Made along the way, and

Create a day
Where we are light,
With delight,

Able to revel
In the play
Of life


Just like when
We were little

And jumping,
Not a care in the world

For we didn’t know
About cares

Why would
We dare?

When you are young
You are focused
On creating

With every finger

By Presence

And, guess what?

You can play
That way

Even with
The age, which

Is upon
Our collective face

For inside,
You are still
Young, my friend

So take the day
And play

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Photo by Chloe Si on Unsplash

Is a space,
Created for you and I
As we balance our place

On this planet

Which can sometimes
Be precarious
And even, at times,
Make us furious

With anxiety, and, yes
Even anticipation

Of what’s to come
Tomorrow under
The setting

Emotions like these
Are normal, for you and I
Are only mortal

Yet, there’s more
To the story
Of, yes

Profound glory

Where mortality
Meets the Divine
And always sublime


Of something grander

And all the while
We fit with our emotions
And, at times stumble
And bumble our lines

We can call upon this
Presence and it’s
Magnificent essence

Of our collective humanity

And extend ourselves
The Grace as needed

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The River

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

The river flows
Just as the wind blows
And the streams
In our veins grow

With life

A beautiful and tranquil
Of a long, and
Adored magnificence

Bending to the right
A mighty flight
Of fancy

Even prancy with delight

A memory of times
Gone by, yet
Filled with light


And sparkling
As the sun shines
And the water dances
For the heavens, and is

Now beckoned

To the left
Never bereft
Only filled with
Sweet and blessed


Of Mind
Which is sublime
Each and every

Moment at a time

Breathe in deep, then
My friend, and
Take each
And every moment in

As their magnificence
Is a mirror
Of your very existence

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A Presence Poem

Photo by quentin on Unsplash


You look out
And into the fray

Beholden to

Tomorrow’s worry
And yesterday’s scurry

Like a glimmer in front
Eyes see out, and


Ever so gently
Yet also intently

Searching and not
Yet finding, that
Which is already


Right there
In front of you

Shift the attention

And let the senses
Draw inward toward
The light and watch, as
A real delight commences

Clarity of Mind

Watches in wonder
At all of the blessings

Expressing themselves
Right now, and
Once again, you see

That which is

Sparkling and dancing
In the light, which is also
Loving in delight, and

All at once, you are
Amazed at all of
The daylight

Now that was fun. Have a great evening.

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