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Looking down upon the ground,
Wondering what they see and think,
as they look up, astounded and always
Somewhat confounded, yet too also grounded.

What do you see, when you look at me?

Regalness on the branch, an image of
Perfection at life’s perception. Varied and diverse,
Reminiscent of a multiverse.

Lands distant in geography make up through
A shared heart topography. A deep connection, which
Dissolves the space between, in one earthly scene.

What do you see, when you look up at me?

A mirror of humanity, in eyes so clear and golden,
We all feel quite beholden. The proximity to this
Majesty, makes me tremble in awe of reality.

A metaphor for what’s come before, as presence is
All I really see within me. You, me, and that tree,
Are three, whirling through space and time.

Oh, what a lovely dream.

In response to the WDYS #73 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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They look into my eyes,
And I wonder why, or why they even try.

They think their stare a dread,
Yet it’s more often just a shred. A glimpse
Into their being, having nothing whatsoever
To do with my leaving.

I am not the names and forms
You associate with me in your head.

Furthermore, it’s mine to lay claim
To all that I am, when I’d like,
so don’t be such a bore.


I Am Woman, here me roar.

In response to the WDYS #72 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

This short poem had a four-fold inspiration; one, the image prompt from Keep it Alive; two, the movie I Am Woman, which I’m watching on Netflix; three, my courageously strong and beautiful sisters, mother, and ex-wife; and four, all of the myriad of women that have coached and mentored me throughout my life, of which, there have been many.

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A grand palace, one that goes on, at times
Without notice, sitting in the weather, not a care
Near, nor a plethora of wear, tear, or despair.

As the sun rises, off in the distance,
It casts a glow of such brilliance, making
The grand even more persistent, while
Simultaneously, reminding us all of our shared resilience.

Such displays need no homage or fanfare,
Though, for sure, the latter is not rare,
As people from around the world come to
Share in the brilliance that is there.

In response to the WDYS #71 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Darkness, Lightness, Symbiosis

Photo by Sua Truong on Unsplash

Worn like a cloak
On a brocade
Of silence

Memories are translucent, and

Fibers of my being
Are hard, at times,

To piece together.

They fit in a splash
Of overlap, one
Scene runs
Into the

And, I’m often quite

By the pictures I see,
So much so,
I wonder
If they

Even really me.

And, as the shadow
Lifts, light begins
To creep in,

Not all at once, no
Slowly, one measure
At a time.

The light must be
Careful, not to
Scare too

Into the unsuspected.

Those who are not
Used to its fullness,
Stillness, and yes also

Yet, it does invade,
And pervade the senses,
Bringing with it, a new dawn,
With all of its new drawn-

Out histories, yet to be
Lived, and then, yes, eventually,

The question, so bold?

Why the darkness and
The lightness? What’s the
Story of this symbiotic

Which manifests in
So many different ways
When at play, during the
Day, and, yes, even when
We are hiding in the shadows
Of its fullest measure.

Our pleasure unrecognized, not
Fully brought to its light.

In the end, dark and light
Are a pair of opposites,
Just like the rest of
The world.

While we get carried
Away in a whirl-winded
Exploration of why;

Why not try to simply
Accept the reality that is.

Lightness exists,
As does darkness, and,

And, oh so commonly,

You can be in the light,
While in the dark, just
As you can be in the dark,
While in the light.

It works that way, all
Throughout our days
Until we are finally carried

Instead of a diary entry this week, I am choosing to share this three-part poem with you. I wrote this a few weeks ago just before traveling to the coast. At that time, it occurred to me to write a poem about three concepts, darkness, lightness, and symbiosis. Yet as I wrote the poem, they felt like three distinct parts of an overall unified whole, so I structured them and am sharing them just as they occurred to me. Fun.

Have a lovely week, everyone.

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Haiku #7

Sun like a deluge,
Cloud steals, but for a moment.
Time stretches, sublime.

Photo by Nicole Y-C on Unsplash

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Image credit; Teslariu Mehai @ Unsplash

Is in the eye
Of the beholder,
Is that what they say?

Hm, well, if I may
Add to that last stanza
A few considerations
Upon which you may


Or fall back from,
It is your choice, of course.

Is everywhere, upon
Everything, and within everyone,
There is not a

Particle left untouched

By the magnificence
Of this Universe,
It just is as

Therefore, if ever
There comes a
Time, when
You are

Doubt about the beauty
That is you, and is
Within you,
And reflect, don’t
Object to a

Other people,
Who see beauty
As something foreign
To themselves.

A thing living inside
Their heads,

Not in reality.

Instead, stand tall,
And watch them
All fall about,

As you

With poise, and grace,
Lift your head high, and,
Always meet their eye.

Knowing, your beauty,
Is that of the Universe,
Given to you to behold
And mold,

Just as you are,

Like a star
Dancing in the heavens,
My dear,
No matter what you’ve
Been told.

In response to the WDYS #66 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Photo by Fredrik Solli Wandem on Unsplash

I sit
By your beauty

The sparkling movement
In your form,

Just like the day
I was born,

I am always
Mesmerized, and
At the same time


At the way
You linger,
In my imagination

As if
My plate
Is full of magic paper

You are fed
Until there is not a shred

I turn my
Head, and wonder
Where you went, or

You may send
In your

The whisper
Your glow

And the magnificence

The smoke
That billows out
From your coals

Of life, for they
Do suffice, to continue
Your magic, until,
Of course,

There is no
More, and, yes,

That can feel

Yet, you’ll
Be there in the dawn

Because your
Sister, is awaiting
In arms, to rise

And provide
Us a new day,

And, upon this,
I can now lay

At your feet

For you’re the fire,
The existence,
Of my life sweet

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Photo by Yuichi Kageyama on Unsplash

Just like contemplation,
Is fascination,

In all things, it’s apparent,
When you stare
Into what’s already there

Just like the single
We might take for granted,

The star
Shooting across the sky
For a reason why

Is always so persistent,
And driving humanity

Towards the heavens
Just like a feather,

Someone’s fingertips,

Like when we
Were little, and
All of life was a


Before the
Of another round
Of detritus

From the tree
Upon the ground, and

We looked on
In astonishment,
As the witness
Of all the bliss

And blessings,
For which we did see

Did hold our attention,
While the world
Did continue

To go round and round,

And we left the playground
For a life full of
Adult things,

Less fascination,
Yet, when you really look, and
See, you will find
That fascination

Still holds true,

When you
Let go, and stay present
To all the beauty,
That’s right in front of you

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Photo by iam_os on Unsplash

Your majesty,
I do see while
sitting under the
shady tree.

As I look out
at Your crests,
and hold true to
the feeling in my chest.

A beauty beyond

On land,
we only ever see

a fraction

of Your love
and devotion,

which You send
to us all, even
when we least expect

And, that’s when it’s
most detected
by the senses,
even if we don’t


what’s protecting
in each moment.

You know,
and always have,
for your Grace is
everlasting, like

a strand
that goes on
forever and ever
until the very end.

And, then?

It all starts again.

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Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

We walk upon
Your flesh,
In so many different

Some dry,
Some damp, and yes,

As we tramp

From one place
To the next
We musn’t ever forget

Your Presence

Taking in new
Seeds, and giving
Birth to new deeds

Of all the fauna
And flora, and, oh,
What an aura

Of beauty,

I do see,
As I walk upon
Your shoulders

Bearing the brunt
Of all the worlds
And holders

Of humanity

Is it enough
What we’ve done
For Thee?

Ah, alas, I
Completely agree

There is so much
More we can do, to
Your living trust

Bears fruit

Under the sycamore,

I stand, relating
This experience
As a simple man

Knowing only so much
For in God, I do trust,
And do know this,

My friend,

We must take a hand
In ensuring
That Your land

Is always able
To continue to stand

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