open sea

sitting in the open sea
watching the tide rescue the myriad

relations of me

my heart transcends the fibrous moon
as crawling beneath the flowers

I bloom

looking toward another aspect of truth
the fragrance of turmoil and pain still strewn

while glistening in the rain
are you

Photo by leonardodpf, Pixabay

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cherry blossoms

grapes grow in the sky
while I rely upon the love living

the blossoming cherry trees

they always seem so deliciously vibrant
and in touch with you and me

a love that’s lasted centuries
fills me with a smile, a glee

handed to me, you see?

a sunny afternoon, sitting among the flower beds

I digress, and dress in roses,
my best

laid suit
by the sun’s eyes, disguised

as I learn of the stars in your heart

while a love to me, at last
they impart

Photo by AnnaliseArt, Pixabay

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radiance wild

trepidation is a trickle of dew
upon a flower sitting kindly

in the afternoon sun

long and lovely
bending towards the warmth of your smile

a radiance wild

nesting inside my heart
weaved of colors long and short

blues, lavenders, and pinks, always remind me of you

a rainbow festival calls
while I linger in the shadows petals
and their beautiful hues

falling from the sky
a love canopy goes by

dropping the essence of our love
purely divined

and oft remembered during these most magical of times

Photo by ArtTower, Pixabay

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A lining of silver, and A heart of gold: A Poetry Partners Collaboration

Recently, David, of The Skeptic’s Kaddish launched an initiative called, Poetry Partners. It is an amazing initiative, which invites poets to submit a poem, and then David writes a response poem. I contemplated a poem to send to David for some time, and then finally did about a month ago.

Here is the poem I sent to David.

a lining of silver

I sit atop a tower, looking down
at the flowers briar,
calling to me at all hours

it is

the myriad contours and folds of life’s road —

and shining in the afternoon sun,
watching from afar,
they run

frolicking in nature’s bounty, like slivers
of dust, the night away,
they wash

as the
clouds hang
onto the love
they feel within

up our tears, a lining of silver

delivering back the tears collected,
delight spreads across the

as our tears seed
hope and love

flowers briar once again

Now, here is David’s poem in response to my poem.

A crystalline by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’

An arrogant little man looked
out upon glowing sunflower fields.

If their lovely soul wouldn’t bow,
he’d simply be forced to Dehull her.

“Forward! Bring that fucking bitch to me!”
Soldiers marched, tanks rolled; rockets flew.

But the flowers resisted and stood
tall against the might of his troops.

‘Grind them down!’ he shouted, enraged,
‘Press forward! We shall Extract our price!’

Tears flowed forth from the flowers, but
they would not succumb to the Crude man.

Then, as though born of silver tears,
a Refined lady rose from their midst.

The train of her golden gown trailed
behind her, as she strode through the fields.

Thick clouds, hanging onto the love
they felt within, gathered up the tears.

“True hope,” the gentlewoman declared,
“shan’t be defeated by hubris.”

Deliberately, she stepped forward,
unfazed by the bullets, and beamed.

Thank you again to David for partnering with me on this amazing collaboration. What fun!

Photo associated with a lining of silver by Layers, Pixabay

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