the you, I see, in me…

reminiscent of
pressures, and

as time passes, we
learn more,
and discover,
the nature
of our belief
in each other, just

as the trees
talk to us
about love lost, wayward

for a time,
now found,
a mirror image
of me, I see,
holding fast
and forever free, in

love felt

the me,
I see
in you,
the you,
I see, in me…

In response to the WDYS #98 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

Photo by Jonah Pettrich @Unsplash

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I await your warm embrace

Photo by Karolis Vaičiulis on Unsplash

of memories glean
and, the water tower
sits at the center
of a love that is greater

what we purported
to know, as the grass
grows taller, and we stay
a little while longer

in each other’s
presence, while the birds
among the trees
sing love songs
to each other, called forever

a moment
together, is worth more
than all the gold
laid down
inside the rock
a millennia ago

when last
there was a time
that stopped

stood still

just like,
my heart
when you’re near

to feel you’re
presence on my face

and whispering
into outer space,
as I await
your warm embrace

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a heart filled to the brim

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

beating fast,
and then faster,
slowing down
not an option,
nor is the feeling
in my gut, protracted,
and put back
together again,
without much in the way
of a knowing,
as our beautiful sun
keeps glowing

without protection,
breeze blows me
one way,
and then another,

I’m feeling,

light and heavy
all at the same
is this a paradox
in healing, or
is there
something else here,
and I’m just not sensitive
to know it’s presence
within my heart’s beating?

a memory,
a hint of something
in store,
stirs me from the floor,
and all at once,
I feel for

and everything
we’ve called our home
since time’s
memory came
my very core

notice not coming,
deep down,
the shift
in awareness
creates contemplation
once more

a sigh,
a smile, and,
the revelation
creates continuity
in being,

the awareness in,
I take all of life within,
and seal this day
with a silent prayer,
and a heart
filled to the brim

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Not Beyond Repair

Photo by Flash Dantz on Unsplash

Head under water,
another way of being,
while the paradox of life
keeps on playing.

Hard to breathe,
lungs burning,
heart aching,
all the while,
the mind


Tears fall,
while hope
along my fingers.

A subtle touch,
and feeling returns
to the essence
of my being.

While drenched
in my solitude,
the connection
among you.

Like the birth
of a flower,
time is now
without heartache
or sorrow.


as time skips a beat,
love finds me,
cradles me
with care,
and in that moment,
I know,
I’m not beyond repair.

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Begin to Believe

Have you ever felt
a ripple in time;
or experienced
time slow down enough,
it’s as if this moment
and the next
are imbued
with a singularity
of all of our
collective beingness?

Walking, pondering,
and reflecting
upon life’s mysteries,
I’m at once, called forth
toward a challenge,
and a promise,
given to me when
I was younger,
and a whole lot bolder.

And, as time
spills through my hands,
I watch
as it moves
toward the earth,
being called
to the place of its birth.

And, in this moment,
time becomes
something altogether
birds sing louder,
the sky opens up,
and there is a shower,
of tears
that pour down,
drenching me to my very core.

as the tears
fall from the sky,
there’s no need
to wonder why
I feel this deep connection
to all of life’s


as time slows down,
more, and more,
I smile bigger
than ever before.

Sitting in this stillness,
I breathe in and out,
and witness the birth
of a new moment,
where time ripples outward,
and throughout,
every person,
place, and thing,
and I
begin to believe.

Image Credit

Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash

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