With every step I take
there is heartache,
like I might

And, then, just around
the bend, I
see you grin, and
my ache turns into a
silent has been.

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Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

The music fills me with such
love and beauty, it’s like free-falling
with all the best intentions, just now,
while the world shepherds a course
of direction, and I feel that deep connection.

I sit and let the music fill me, every nook and
cranny of my soul becomes engulfed in the
sound and feeling of all that’s there. Oh, such
devotion and care.

Care for ourselves is such an important
part of our journey. Sometimes we feel lost,
and unsure, even uncomfortable in our own skin,
even when we are with our kin. It’s not a demerit,
we all feel this way at times, so let your heart inherit.

The joy you feel within, as you take in the piano
paying a melody you swear was written for you, and
you grin.

The smile filling the room with joy and love,
it’s enough to absolve the remainder of the lost
souls, in which you do connect, as you see yourself
in their midst, and have lived through the tests, just
as they are now presently, giving their best.

Best is what we each carry, give out, and try
not to tarry. No, give all that you have, my friend,
and, when it’s time, let the music fill you and
begin the dance again.

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Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

In many forms, and
When you are born,

To this world
Of misery,
And jubilation, yes,

They do coexist,
And are stable

A match made in
Heaven, they say

Though it’s quite
Possible, some are
Astray, lost beyond the

Dunes of hope

They too
Will find their way
Back to a joyous heart

Before they
Depart this plane

And watch the pain
Melt away

Know though,
You may stay
On this plane, and
Find a release

From your birthright
Of pain

And, yes,
It does
Take days to
Conceive of the

Proper place
To set down
Your burden

Also know
There are places
Found for such excursions


So, take the
Time needed, and
Dive deep toward
Your center

Where your pain is
Like a lost treasure,
Residing, and,
Maybe too, hiding,

Awaiting an

A freeing
Among the rest, so
Don’t be beset,
Go into your pain,
And let it rain


The day
Comes to say
All is as it should be,

And wave goodbye
to it all

Letting go,
Of the pain
You’ve been carrying
With forestalled
Anticipation, and
Clever precipitation,

Be as it may,
Your pain, my dear, will
Eventually go away

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Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

To us all
Even when
We’d rather


The pain, and
From coming


At heart, we hold
Those dear,
And, when there’s

A suddenance
To the loss,
We fall backward
And out of


With our normal
Of life, not because
We’re made of strife

Rather, because
We’re a part of this
Very life,
Which contains

Misery and joy,
And, yes, we do
Employ them both, and

It’s okay to feel them

As needed,
Even prescriptive
When hidden

And, now I’m

At your hospital bed,
Awaiting your return

Hoping and praying

That it’s not
Your turn, yet
Knowing it’s likely

As we can see
The signs

The wall of your life,

Nay, our life,

Because, yes, we
Were friends, and
Strangers in some ways

Until the very end

And in coping
I try to understand
Why it happened

So fast, and am
Reminded it’s
Not mine to pretend

To know
The answers
My friend

I called you
My dad,
And, did until
The end

With that last
Kiss upon you
I rendered the loss

Of my father, and
Dearest friend

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I think of you
And smile,
Even if it’s been a while

You’re always awaiting
My return, when lost
And even when I feel
A bit cursed

I don’t have memory
Of your not being there,
Even in the times of my
Greatest despair

A rock, solid and caring
Never taking, only ever
Holding my hand without
Any fanfare

Trust that is deep
As the ocean, and clear
As the sky, on a very bright
And oh so sunny daytime

Love so immense,
I’d never second-guess
What’s coming, especially
When I can feel your forthcoming

Return, as if you ever left

No, that’s my confusion
At best, and,

It’s okay
To sometimes be confused
And unsure,
It happens at times, my friend

In those times, remember
This truth, if I may be so bold,
And convey this last sentiment

Joy is always there,
A part of you and I
On it we can rely

Simply look within,
And remember the feeling
Of joy when often repeating

And bring forth that joy
Thereof, which is always
Within you, my love

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The Framed Window

Photo by Niloufar Nemati on Unsplash

It started out
In that one house
Looking out at history
In the making

Both you boys
Flitting, tossing, and
Turning about

Without a care in the world

As the train rolls by,
And the window shakes
Yet, there’s no distraction
In the moment, as I continue to stare

At your fervor
For love and comradery

Which is not a mystery
At all, only ever a deep, and
Profound sense of enjoyment
For this one moment

Watching you two play
And being chased
In tandem, and, yes

Always with great fandom

Throughout each, and
Every season
That changes, and

Now looking through the window
There’s only ever exchanges
Of a love so deep
It brings a tear

To my eye and I sometimes weep

With anticipation
Of the morrow, when
Once again, I’ll sit and watch
Two boys

Who will eventually become men

Through that beautifully
Framed window
In that one

Where my love once began

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