on this most gorgeous day…


I climb
from the sea, a
journey from underneath,
scraping, and crawling
toward my destiny,
I mind

the feelings
from the deep, as
they speak of love,
light, and the twisted return
of all that burns


spinning becomes relatable,
just like the tree tops
swaying in the winds dismay,
as they play together
in the midst
of all that’s lovingly displayed

for you and me,
on this most gorgeous day…

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a magical black hole


a dream,
mind conjures, as
intuition blossoms, and
reflects upon
conditioned aspects
of time borrowed…


as they seem
we grew through
the pain and agony…

trials and tribulations
abound, as we recount
each moment, and, at times, drown

in the feelings
swallowing us whole,
like a magical black hole….

spinning vortex,
light withdrawn,
senses expand, reaching
out for a hand

to hold onto at last…

breathing in life’s energy,
we wrestle with time,
and the nature
of the agonies
written upon
the sands
of our collective destinies…as

light shows back up,
speaking in the language
of love lost, pain healed, and
compassion given out, to all those that shout,
curse at the skies, and wonder why…

as deep inside,
we recognize our face
in the collection of pictures
we see in the mirror

of our humanity,
as we (re)adjust within
and get ready to again begin…

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A Blogger’s Diary 9/12/21: On the Week, Writing and Reflecting, The Garden, WordPress, Site Changes, and Gratitude

The Week

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted a diary entry, and in the past four weeks, there have been some developments with the garden and to my site, which I am excited to relate; and, I also have a question for you about WordPress. More on that in a moment.

First, let’s take a look at some writing reflections.

Writing and Reflecting

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

I’ve published several poems in the past four weeks, many of them taking love as their central theme or concept.

The poem, shaded in love, we agree, was a reflection upon my time living in the desert. I’ve been fortunate to live in several types of geographies, and the desert is among them, and holds a special place in my heart.

Sometimes people conflate the desert with barrenness, and the poem was an ode, if you will, to the splendor of the desert landscape, which I miss. There is something magical about being in the desert, especially at sunrise and sunset. The beauty is magnificent.

The poem, just like a star spangled night, was part of a much larger reflection about living life with an open heart. As I’ve written about in many posts and poems, living life with an open heart today is a blessing, and I am grateful to many people, especially, my life coach and teacher, for showing me a different way to understand the world, and our place in it.

It’s taken a lot of internal work, and, yet, what I understand today, is that all of my life happened just as it was supposed to. Exactly as it was supposed to; and, I am blessed with many different levels of understanding today because of all of the paths I’ve traveled. They were all needed, and are all important.

The Garden

Well, it’s also been a while since I’ve updated you on the garden, which is continuing to produce, and has been so much fun.

Here is a pic of some tomatoes I pulled last week.

Corvallis, Oregon 2021

Coming soon, broccolini, one of my favs!


Over the past two months, I’ve had several regular readers send me messages that my posts are not showing up in their WP Reader. I actually emailed WP about this issue, and have yet to hear back.

The only workaround I know for this type of issue, which I’ve used before, is to unfollow the blog, and then refollow, which got me thinking.

Might any of you know of other workarounds to mitigate this issue? If so, I would love to read about them in the comments section, or, if you prefer, you can email me, thank you!

Site Changes

Earlier this year, I created a goal to make some changes to the site; and, I’ve finally made some of those changes.

I wanted to mention the changes here, in the event you notice anything that is not working well, or you have any suggestions, which may improve your experience. If so, please do let me know, thank you.


The week-beginning message I scheduled to go out to the team last week, was about gratitude; and the deep gratitude I have for everyone in my life.

My life has been, and is, blessed with connections to amazing people; and, today I am connected to many, many, more amazing people.

I think it is important to pause each day, and reflect upon the impact we make with our lives, and about the connections we have. They are so important.

In fact, I believe that human connection is one of the most important aspects of being alive. Experiencing aliveness is, for me, about being deeply connected to yourself, and then to those that you choose to surround yourself with every day.

Therefore, on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I am feeling deep gratitude for everyone in my life; my family, my friends, the team I work with, the community I live in, and, each and every one of you. Very grateful.

Thank you for being just as you are, and for being there, and supporting my work. It means the world to me.

Have a beautifully blessed week everyone.

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we’ll always share

Photo by Mehdi on Unsplash

weeds feed
my dreams, in a
cavalcade of screams,
while the
majesty in-between, is
just as it seems

rocking back,
and forth
on the porch,
sitting, and
staring at the dead, it dreams

like another reality
altogether, as
birds fly back,
and forth, mirroring
my actions,
the necessary transcendence

of being…

felt, not felt,
like a fleece blanket
on top of
the history
we’ve shared together

less enthralled,
I walk towards you
with love in my
heart, stopped,
attracted, less
without a stare,
only ever a deeply felt care,
we’ll always share

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let our love be displayed

Image credit; Shane Rounce @ Unsplash

are the trees,
that live so long
in-between, the myriad
noise and clatter,
of the unsuspecting dream

in place,
they wait, silently
drawing strength from
the majesty pouring forth,
from the earth’s very core

by the clay beneath,
they reach for the sky,
and listen for our lullaby

to begin

we coalesce
beside their very best,
and remind ourselves
they are of nature,
and, our makers very best


it is within
our hearts, that lives
the truest test

our resilience
to match
their guidance,
alongside a millennia
of previous trauma


continues today,
let us please pray

and, give thanks
on this day,
for the beauty
living inside
the trees dismay,
not often
enough conveyed

often betrayed,
so, let our love
be displayed

In response to the WDYS #93 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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