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A grand palace, one that goes on, at times
Without notice, sitting in the weather, not a care
Near, nor a plethora of wear, tear, or despair.

As the sun rises, off in the distance,
It casts a glow of such brilliance, making
The grand even more persistent, while
Simultaneously, reminding us all of our shared resilience.

Such displays need no homage or fanfare,
Though, for sure, the latter is not rare,
As people from around the world come to
Share in the brilliance that is there.

In response to the WDYS #71 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Darkness, Lightness, Symbiosis

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Worn like a cloak
On a brocade
Of silence

Memories are translucent, and

Fibers of my being
Are hard, at times,

To piece together.

They fit in a splash
Of overlap, one
Scene runs
Into the

And, I’m often quite

By the pictures I see,
So much so,
I wonder
If they

Even really me.

And, as the shadow
Lifts, light begins
To creep in,

Not all at once, no
Slowly, one measure
At a time.

The light must be
Careful, not to
Scare too

Into the unsuspected.

Those who are not
Used to its fullness,
Stillness, and yes also

Yet, it does invade,
And pervade the senses,
Bringing with it, a new dawn,
With all of its new drawn-

Out histories, yet to be
Lived, and then, yes, eventually,

The question, so bold?

Why the darkness and
The lightness? What’s the
Story of this symbiotic

Which manifests in
So many different ways
When at play, during the
Day, and, yes, even when
We are hiding in the shadows
Of its fullest measure.

Our pleasure unrecognized, not
Fully brought to its light.

In the end, dark and light
Are a pair of opposites,
Just like the rest of
The world.

While we get carried
Away in a whirl-winded
Exploration of why;

Why not try to simply
Accept the reality that is.

Lightness exists,
As does darkness, and,

And, oh so commonly,

You can be in the light,
While in the dark, just
As you can be in the dark,
While in the light.

It works that way, all
Throughout our days
Until we are finally carried

Instead of a diary entry this week, I am choosing to share this three-part poem with you. I wrote this a few weeks ago just before traveling to the coast. At that time, it occurred to me to write a poem about three concepts, darkness, lightness, and symbiosis. Yet as I wrote the poem, they felt like three distinct parts of an overall unified whole, so I structured them and am sharing them just as they occurred to me. Fun.

Have a lovely week, everyone.

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upended, we can
feel at times, with the hustle
and bustle of life.
yet, I am
centered in the knowing of
life’s richest treasure within.

In response to the WDYS #70 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Haiku #10

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memory, like a
whisper of times forgotten,
behold, this moment.

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Tanka #6

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Vast sand dunes at sea,
Such a juxtaposition
Underneath? The same.
Pondering the truth of life,
Watching for the nexus. Unity.

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Deep Down

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When we are born,
We get it, and then
A little at a time
That which was gotten

Becomes the forgotten.

Concepts invade our every
Sense, even though we know
We are blessed, these concepts
Pervade, like dew drops

Covering our eyes in a grand

Reality becomes blurry,
And, at times, with such furry,
We lash out at others,
Because we feel quite smothered.

Lost in concepts,
Of our own creation,
A mentality develops
Of great separation.

And, yes, isolation follows,
Yet there is another way
We may harken today,
Recalling what we got
So long ago,

By remembering that
Which we already know.

You, me, and that tree,
And all of the other concepts
That you do see, are not
Separate, my friend,

For that, know it does depend,
On a realization, which you can
Make with some fixation, and

Steadiness of Mind,
By uncovering that which
Is deep down inside.

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Haiku #9

Leaves fall from the tree,
The sky is cloudy and gray.
Autumn fades. Winter.

Photo by Andrey Bond on Unsplash

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Creative Beings

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Is a wondrous
Part of the human
Art form.

Something we’ve
Been given, entrusted
Into our care, is the power

Of a special order,
One that does grow as
We get bolder, and understand
Ourselves more.

Even as we shoulder
More responsibility,

It is still possible to continue to
Develop our innovative agility.

Beguiled by life, as we
Can sometimes be, it’s
Important for you, and well,
Of course, me, to

We are,
And always will be,
First and foremost,
Creative beings.

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This planet with all
It’s mysterious contemplations,
I often look up from the surface,

And wonder out loud about
The motion of the cosmos’

In relation to

The ever lasting connection
We share
With all we see up
In the air, if I dare, I just might

It with the stars hidden
From view, connected all the same
Within you and me.

The connection is quite fair,
And quite frankly beyond compare
Connected from within and without.

All the beauty, no doubt,
Running in the rivers, streams,
And creeks, like the life that flows
Through us, and is

Between us.

The space between also holds
A special place for me.

The dance of the
And, quite

That holds all the things
Together, just like a string,
Without any fanfare,
Or need of complimentary

Love bared.

Though, I’d suggest
Giving thanks
To all that
We see


A magnificent
Place beyond, and among
The stars, both

Are truly amazing,
And are also


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Tanka #5

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

Waves crash on the beach,
Salty mist blows from the west.
Night turns into day.
I feel the sisters approach,
Salt on my tongue, wind in hair.

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