a moonbeam…

desires encapsulate me like the moon,
as inside my being I swoon,
looking to the sky,
watching the


as clouds filter through
the darkness,
the shadow of which
becomes the

to recognize

it is the mirrored
reflection I see, when
dancing with the trees

more than
one dreamed

until the last particle of
my being is seen…

and, love is blossomed in-between
the rivers full of life,
and me

a moonbeam…

Photo by stafichukanatoly, Pixabay

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an afternoon under the sun…

I walked through the door once, and into a different land
entirely, sky full of blood, torn in two, it was
a wonder
to feel
loss at the center of the vacuum…

thoughts racing, with a heart rendering love, an afterglow
inside my
chest breathing
fast, and then,
in from the gloom

came you, sure-footed, with a love the size of the moon,
dispelling the shadows in heart and mind,
you did always remind me

of the aliveness
living inside of moments

as great clarity did come, and you and I settled in
for an
under the sun…

Photo by Couleur, Pixabay

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​​a heart filled with love

heart opening up to new realities,
I see much more today than any other day,
when dismay was more present, the gifts all around,
did sway

in the breeze gently, head down, furious pace,
lost, and wondering where to turn about…

looking up, the sky always tried to offer solace,
and a way to stay

keeping the pain at bay,
and as

clarity dawned, after much work on heart,
and many tears did
pour forth

cleaning and cleansing all the broken parts,
offering a healing in the light, when at its darkest
was the night

a shining, there was, and meet it, I did, where
time stops, and we’re present to all we’ve done,
and give thanks to

a heart filled with love, that always was…

Photo by geralt, Pixabay

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Darkness, Lightness, Symbiosis

Photo by Sua Truong on Unsplash

Worn like a cloak
On a brocade
Of silence

Memories are translucent, and

Fibers of my being
Are hard, at times,

To piece together.

They fit in a splash
Of overlap, one
Scene runs
Into the

And, I’m often quite

By the pictures I see,
So much so,
I wonder
If they

Even really me.

And, as the shadow
Lifts, light begins
To creep in,

Not all at once, no
Slowly, one measure
At a time.

The light must be
Careful, not to
Scare too

Into the unsuspected.

Those who are not
Used to its fullness,
Stillness, and yes also

Yet, it does invade,
And pervade the senses,
Bringing with it, a new dawn,
With all of its new drawn-

Out histories, yet to be
Lived, and then, yes, eventually,

The question, so bold?

Why the darkness and
The lightness? What’s the
Story of this symbiotic

Which manifests in
So many different ways
When at play, during the
Day, and, yes, even when
We are hiding in the shadows
Of its fullest measure.

Our pleasure unrecognized, not
Fully brought to its light.

In the end, dark and light
Are a pair of opposites,
Just like the rest of
The world.

While we get carried
Away in a whirl-winded
Exploration of why;

Why not try to simply
Accept the reality that is.

Lightness exists,
As does darkness, and,

And, oh so commonly,

You can be in the light,
While in the dark, just
As you can be in the dark,
While in the light.

It works that way, all
Throughout our days
Until we are finally carried

Instead of a diary entry this week, I am choosing to share this three-part poem with you. I wrote this a few weeks ago just before traveling to the coast. At that time, it occurred to me to write a poem about three concepts, darkness, lightness, and symbiosis. Yet as I wrote the poem, they felt like three distinct parts of an overall unified whole, so I structured them and am sharing them just as they occurred to me. Fun.

Have a lovely week, everyone.

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