scripted truth

I rest my eyes
on the sunset, long in shadow
and lost in temptation

I recall
a coddled wall
of memories

where backlash
found safety, a thin membrane
of projection

and a hurled osmosis
of confusion

a scripted truth

transmigration, and the cosmosis birth
of you

Photo by PeterKraayvanger, Pixabay

Twitter #vss365 prompt words used: coddle, hurl, script. Follow me on Twitter here.

It occurred to me recently that I’ve not yet shared all of my response poems to the Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow: 30 Poems in 30 Days Collaboration. Therefore, over the next several weeks, I will share a couple of them each week, along with the poet that inspired my poetic response.

Here are the first two.

Artless Love

they alight on a leaf
tranquil, and made up of a piece
of our love

the broken bits
sewn back together
by the sky


restless, and tired
I linger in the alcove

where mist
displays the toxicity of the pain
in my head

in my heart

drifting with the wind
I stop
and realize

are the one that’s always been
and will always be

by the rendition of an artless love

Artless Love was inspired by the poem Butterflies Blue, by Shruthi.

Lonely, and Desolate

confusion abounds inside my head
while I linger along a street
lonely, and


toward the sunshine over the horizon
I melt

a pool of wonderment
and of awe

the stars to appear in the sky
I too

you are at the center of my life
teaching me more
than any book could possibly

the love
you’ve delivered to me
over the course of my life

Lonely, and Desolate was inspired by the poem Stay Away, by Spriha Kant.

Jeff Flesch

Author, #1 Amazon Bestseller Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow

Co-Author, #1 Amazon Bestseller, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women

Author of the Month, Jan/Feb 2022, Spillwords Press

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Spillwords Author of the Month Update, and rhythm and sound

Spillwords Press, NYC

I am elated and honored to share with you that I was voted as the Spillwords Press Author of the Month of January and February!

I am deeply grateful to Dagmara K and the entire team at Spillwords for supporting my work; and deeply grateful to each of you for being here, supporting me, and being such wonderful friends. It is because of each of you that I am here today. You inspire me, and I appreciate each of you very much. Thank you!

rhythm and sound
walking along the ground, I stumbled,
and fell

happenings like this
tout a specific

and sound, like walking amongst the

what confused me most then,
was not knowing —

is derived from

took quite a few more stumbles, and

among the trees,
the leaves,

all of the misery

to notice, the hand was always there, even
when on the

I was already found…

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ravens flying on wings, Published at MasticadoresIndia

I am excited to share my poem, ravens flying on wings, which is now available at MasticadoresIndia. A big thank you to Terveen Gill, and the entire team at MasticadoresIndia for publishing this piece, and for their continued support.

ravens flying on wings

the curtains, pulled tight, made of silk, and
reminiscent of the night, reminds me of
a time, before transgression,

possessions of body and mind…

I would be honored if you would go here and read the rest of my poem. Thank you!

Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno on Unsplash

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an afternoon under the sun…

I walked through the door once, and into a different land
entirely, sky full of blood, torn in two, it was
a wonder
to feel
loss at the center of the vacuum…

thoughts racing, with a heart rendering love, an afterglow
inside my
chest breathing
fast, and then,
in from the gloom

came you, sure-footed, with a love the size of the moon,
dispelling the shadows in heart and mind,
you did always remind me

of the aliveness
living inside of moments

as great clarity did come, and you and I settled in
for an
under the sun…

Photo by Couleur, Pixabay

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