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fine grains of sand
nestled together,
like peas in a bed,
or you and me
in our stead

is the way life
comes and goes,
and ready’s us
for the next stage
in our show

hard loving, and
living, take their
toll, as we begin
to notice
as time slows

us down

and we ready
for another part
of the larger parcel,
weaved together before
our eyes ever sparkled

stitches woven
with great care,
we cherish each one
in their place,
as we touch the
of their grace, which

lives in
our inner

and spells, and
feels like,
anything, and
everything, but

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One Forever

Numb to the pain
of a very long

I ponder
the way of it,
and also consider
the play a bit.

Two warring factions, looking
for attention,
and peace of mind,
of our time,
so please be kind.

Think about the paradox
you’ve created
to talk about;
knowing all the while,
each faction
is only a distraction

of mind.

And, when we get clear
on all that we find, we realize,
the truth about this clever
semantical lever,
and make the

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Helping Hand

the grandstand,
I withstand the pull,
as my heart
continues to fill


an effervescent joy
at all that is employed,
by the gentle touch of a stranger
helping another, who finds themselves
in a little bit of trouble.

Looking into their eyes,
cascading ripples
of love are seen
moving from one to
as the realization dawns
that the stranger is our brother.

we are not, as the soul
we see
is a mere reflection of the


Take heart then,
and don’t fall apart. Rather,
withstand the pull
of another’s desire, and lend
a helping hand
when you can.

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