a dance of mysterious tapestry

as the breeze comes through the window,
I hang hopes on clouds, running fast,
and furious, quite profound

are they

beautiful, translucent, and full of
magical movement, transcending this

light and dark, in a dance of mysterious
tapestry, woven gently, and carefully,
by the unseen, preen

shielding you and me, from the glean,
as the shadows begin to dance with
the trees

the flowers perk up, and provide a love

lasting centuries…

Photo by fietzfotos, Pixabay

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contemplation magical

Photo by Tefiny Tulod on Unsplash

fine grains of sand
nestled together,
like peas in a bed,
or you and me
in our stead

is the way life
comes and goes,
and ready’s us
for the next stage
in our show

hard loving, and
living, take their
toll, as we begin
to notice
as time slows

us down

and we ready
for another part
of the larger parcel,
weaved together before
our eyes ever sparkled

stitches woven
with great care,
we cherish each one
in their place,
as we touch the
of their grace, which

lives in
our inner

and spells, and
feels like,
anything, and
everything, but

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Image credit; Andrew Morris @ Unsplash

It washed up on the shore,
she said
it would one day evermore;
we last were together,
when the sun was still shining down so bright,
and the blight we see now,
wasn’t even a memory,
nor in sight.

So much has changed,
yet it all is really
still the same underneath,
when you take a peek
to see what’s really there,
you’ll find that
it’s the same as before,
only the conditions in the
phenomena have transformed.

There’s still light by day,
and dark when it is night. And, yes,
things still show up on the shore,
when a loved one
last kissed you on the cheek,
and said, wait, I’ll be there
in the morn.

And, indeed, they were,
with a bundle of lights.
Though you’ve always known
the light they carry inside,
is the might of
the everlasting sprite.

In response to the WDYS #77 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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