Gumdrops and Glitter, Published at MasticadoresUSA

I am pleased to announce that my poem, Gumdrops and Glitter, is now available at MasticadoresUSA. Thank you to Gabriela Marie Milton, and the team at MasticadoresUSA for their continued support and for publishing this piece.

Gumdrops and Glitter

the sea rises over my heart
while I lean into love

like a fairytale, made up of gumdrops
and glitter, which never stops

the senses

even with a skewed perspective…

I would be honored if you would go here, and read the rest of my poem. Thank you!

Photo by Agnali, Pixabay

Submissions are open for the Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow: 30 Poems in 30 Days Collaboration, and will remain open until September 23. The submission details are located here.

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Image credit; Andrew Morris @ Unsplash

It washed up on the shore,
she said
it would one day evermore;
we last were together,
when the sun was still shining down so bright,
and the blight we see now,
wasn’t even a memory,
nor in sight.

So much has changed,
yet it all is really
still the same underneath,
when you take a peek
to see what’s really there,
you’ll find that
it’s the same as before,
only the conditions in the
phenomena have transformed.

There’s still light by day,
and dark when it is night. And, yes,
things still show up on the shore,
when a loved one
last kissed you on the cheek,
and said, wait, I’ll be there
in the morn.

And, indeed, they were,
with a bundle of lights.
Though you’ve always known
the light they carry inside,
is the might of
the everlasting sprite.

In response to the WDYS #77 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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