love shines forth

broken wings,
soft and evergreen,
with the everlastingness
of the sun’s rays,
dancing yellow, and green, they seem

to heal

upside down,
as the pain is turned
inside out, and cleaned throughout…

cascading light,
wishing upon a star
from afar, yet
closer, than realization dawns

as the candle drops,
and, hints…by

speaking in
a language of love
forever kissed, I must admit

your scent lingers
in the air,
fair, as memories
become closer to me
than the breath of you near, and

in this instance,
brokenness becomes
altogether witnessed

as love
shines forth, and
we become more,
than you and I
have ever experienced…

Photo by Marc Sendra Martorell on Unsplash

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a benevolent sky…

Photo by Fabrice Nerfin on Unsplash

the rising tide

as I surmise

the nature
of the
feelings serpentine…

my entire being,
just as I’m feeling

the breeze

overwhelm me,
one wave at a time…

I consider

the feelings
that arise,
just like
the sun


over a benevolent sky…

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a gift from the seas

troubled times,
filled with ties, tethered,
reminding me
of the weather,
when we
were once together

to take on
the pleasure,
while you listened
from far away, forever

hard to grasp, as
we watch
the grown grass

take its time,

towards the skyline…

will it
make it,
hard to define

unimaginable, yet
we find solace
in the curvatures
of the world’s futures

as they
come to fruition,
we pause,
breathe, reflect,
and protect
the actions presence, our
current sentence

as, I

for your hand
while we’re reminded
of the sun,
behind the trees,
hiding from you and me,
yet always present,
like a gift from the seas

Photo by Ernesto Leon on Unsplash

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Photo by James Day on Unsplash

Mesmerizing is
the sun, radiating love
and breathing life
into my being.

I often stare up,
wanting to catch a glimpse
of that fiery ball
in all of its

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Community Gardening: Indoor Starts, the First Peas, and a Sun Elfje

Corvallis, Oregon 2021

Alright, I’ve decided to turn My One Thing This Spring: Gardening, into a new Spring/Summer series. It occurred to me that I’ll have many more updates, which made making the community garden experience into a series an easy decision. Okay, here’s what’s new.

The plot is ready, and I’ve been continuing to work the soil, and have actually planted the first few seeds. A couple different varieties of peas. Delicious. Well, they will be eventually. 

Here’s a couple pictures of those first budding peas.

Awesome. And, yep, the soil is dry, only on the top few layers though; and, the water at the community garden is now on, which is grand.

I’ve also planted seeds indoors. Many of them. 50 to be exact! Here are some of the herbs and veggies I’ve planted into an indoor greenhouse.

  • Basil and Cilantro
  • Mixed Hot Peppers
  • Raddish
  • Beet
  • Various Lettuce Varieties
  • Chard
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli

I purchased this nifty little Green House at the local garden store for $20.

Here is what it looks like; and, here is what it looks like as the seeds begin to sprout.

Pretty cool, yes? Yes, I think so too.

Oh, and here is my latest addition. I bought these 4 beauties at the farmers market today.

Corvallis, Oregon 2021

I adore tomatoes. One of my favorites. Yum.

Next steps?

Sowing seeds directly into the ground, which will happen around May 4. We’re very close. Excited.

Alright, once the indoor seed starts and the tomatoes are transplanted, and I sow some more seeds directly into the ground, I’ll have another update.

Until then, enjoy the spring sun. Hopefully it is shining wherever you are.  And, oh, before we go, how about a little Elfje on the sun to take us out. Yes? Okay, here we go.

Sun shines
Bright as a star
Taken into my being

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.

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