dandelion seed

I sit inside a pool of salt
and sin


into the eyes of dried, and thin
crumbly skin

tired, and looking to the wind

I reminisce.

even when I’d rather not know
the pain, to me

always shows

the effects
of this universal context, deplorable

in times when pain is greatest, and light
like a dandelion seed

when time stops forward progression, looking
for lessons

I await you.

if you’ll show within my heart soon

Photo by ArtTower, Pixabay

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a mix of glass diamonds…

time slows down, just like a train
entering the service station, as
light refracts off a mix of glass diamonds…

cut differently all,
as colors bleed through them,
and out the other side,
pouring love into the universe, by design…

we watch

with rapt awe and attention,
as love is transmitted via the chrysalis,
through the atmospheric tension,
and into the hearts of every part of living creation…

Photo by Pixabay

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Tanka #10

sit, watch, and wait, while
the Universe explains the
scene unfolding, and
the mystery within, as
one moment becomes the next.

In response to the WDYS #76 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Photo by Juskteez Vu on Unsplash

Sitting, I ponder the nature of our
existence. Quiet mind, not a noise found
anywhere, silent, stillness, and so much

It fills my entire being with joy, of such
immenseness, at times it’s hard to actually
say more than this.

And, the more I learn, in fact, it seems
it’s in the saying less where we find out
what’s best.

It feels like it’s taken me an eternity to learn
this truth. Yet, it’s really only been one moment
since I was just a youth.

Time is funny that way, wouldn’t you say?

Long and drawn out in times of great stress,
or when we are simply unsure how to handle
life’s continuous tests.


Short and awfully quick, in times when we
are in a hurry, rushing from here to there,
without even giving the scenery a second stare.

There is a third way, however, to see and experience,
all that surrounds you. It’s seen when we slow down,
and are present to each moment,
caring for them as if they were the only gift
that could possibly prevent our descent.

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Image credit; Jasmin Chew @ Unsplash

As I close my eyes to the sky,
and breathe in deep, it occurs to me
that time as we understand it has stopped
belaboring me, while the vastness before me
unfolds and expands with a specialness that will
withstand all contrivances that the mind has planned.

Disrupting the pattern created over millennia,
I watch silently, as the breath moves in and out of
my body, and my heart slows down, to match the
hidden, and ever so mysterious criteria.

Listen and believe in the unseen, for even when
in doubt you can be sure that there is clout and
integrity in the system of stars and constellations that
remains, at times, hidden, yet always smitten.

And at others, it’s all we can do to catch a glimpse
of that magical consideration, and watch
as the dance of the cosmos plays out,
and all our dreams come about.

Believe, I say, in the unseen, and dream big right
into that emptiness, knowing all the while that
that vastness is where all of life’s
greatest gifts are awaiting your
focused attention, and future

In response to the WDYS #75 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

This planet with all
It’s mysterious contemplations,
I often look up from the surface,

And wonder out loud about
The motion of the cosmos’

In relation to

The ever lasting connection
We share
With all we see up
In the air, if I dare, I just might

It with the stars hidden
From view, connected all the same
Within you and me.

The connection is quite fair,
And quite frankly beyond compare
Connected from within and without.

All the beauty, no doubt,
Running in the rivers, streams,
And creeks, like the life that flows
Through us, and is

Between us.

The space between also holds
A special place for me.

The dance of the
And, quite

That holds all the things
Together, just like a string,
Without any fanfare,
Or need of complimentary

Love bared.

Though, I’d suggest
Giving thanks
To all that
We see


A magnificent
Place beyond, and among
The stars, both

Are truly amazing,
And are also


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Image credit; Teslariu Mehai @ Unsplash

Is in the eye
Of the beholder,
Is that what they say?

Hm, well, if I may
Add to that last stanza
A few considerations
Upon which you may


Or fall back from,
It is your choice, of course.

Is everywhere, upon
Everything, and within everyone,
There is not a

Particle left untouched

By the magnificence
Of this Universe,
It just is as

Therefore, if ever
There comes a
Time, when
You are

Doubt about the beauty
That is you, and is
Within you,
And reflect, don’t
Object to a

Other people,
Who see beauty
As something foreign
To themselves.

A thing living inside
Their heads,

Not in reality.

Instead, stand tall,
And watch them
All fall about,

As you

With poise, and grace,
Lift your head high, and,
Always meet their eye.

Knowing, your beauty,
Is that of the Universe,
Given to you to behold
And mold,

Just as you are,

Like a star
Dancing in the heavens,
My dear,
No matter what you’ve
Been told.

In response to the WDYS #66 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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