we’ll find the answer

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

beauty unseen
in despair,
felt like a lead weight
across my chest,
and inside my heart, blessed

is known, yet
time stood still
for a moment, grown

unbeknownst to me
lasting an eternity…

deep inside,
trees look at me, and
shake their limbs, they see

the magic
living inside of
every moment,
even those that feel
so solemn and swollen

with feelings
bound together,
like a mass of pressure

stronger over time,
unable to realize
the thread’s end
lives inside

awaiting a kindness,
often seen in my dreams,
I recollect all those
lost feelings, and
begin to pull the thread
closer to me


as the thread comes forth,
the pressure subsides,
as the tears wash away
the pain of yesterday

so gray, and
at the same time
lighted rays fill my heart
with gratitude,

may I stay?

is a question
needed not,
leave off the clamour,
for its inside this space
where we’ll find the answer

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