​​a heart filled with love

heart opening up to new realities,
I see much more today than any other day,
when dismay was more present, the gifts all around,
did sway

in the breeze gently, head down, furious pace,
lost, and wondering where to turn about…

looking up, the sky always tried to offer solace,
and a way to stay

keeping the pain at bay,
and as

clarity dawned, after much work on heart,
and many tears did
pour forth

cleaning and cleansing all the broken parts,
offering a healing in the light, when at its darkest
was the night

a shining, there was, and meet it, I did, where
time stops, and we’re present to all we’ve done,
and give thanks to

a heart filled with love, that always was…

Photo by geralt, Pixabay

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love shines forth

broken wings,
soft and evergreen,
with the everlastingness
of the sun’s rays,
dancing yellow, and green, they seem

to heal

upside down,
as the pain is turned
inside out, and cleaned throughout…

cascading light,
wishing upon a star
from afar, yet
closer, than realization dawns

as the candle drops,
and, hints…by

speaking in
a language of love
forever kissed, I must admit

your scent lingers
in the air,
fair, as memories
become closer to me
than the breath of you near, and

in this instance,
brokenness becomes
altogether witnessed

as love
shines forth, and
we become more,
than you and I
have ever experienced…

Photo by Marc Sendra Martorell on Unsplash

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finally opened up

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

looking out over
seas of tranquility,
never manifest,
even though I tried
my best

waiting to see,
wanting to learn,
watching the earth,
roam around my dearth

I digest more
than is possible,
all the while
the improbably
seems to find me

no matter
I hide the keys,
your always there


just the right
all about
my present

taking courage

a drive
that is more
than one will

released, then,
years later, upon
a sea of possibility

finally found,
after ages,
while I resisted,
you persisted, gained

me the layer
upon layer of
human misery,


the joy upon
joy, of human

ah, what

love is found
in a second act
of a life, thought
for a time broken
beyond repair,

and, yet
right there,

just then,

the brokenness
was sealed,
and delivered, as
set in


whole world
finally opened up
to me,
through you,
and, everything,
my dear, became
so very clear

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hearts fill again

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

petals grasp
as the grass
grows taller,
and the weather fonder

a miracle of nature, and
beauty in simplicity,
without conjecture
or the need
for any grand gesture

just silence
and stillness,
amidst the chaos
and shrillness

without thinking,
and living and loving
until our hearts are breaking


inside this
lives the mystery
of all that’s
been promised us

a wholeness,
which lives
and breathes


my dear,
that brokenness
and hearts fill again

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