of a love from before

the day
the secret came,
the rain
was full of cane

sugary sweet,
just like
the imagery
you create

visual astounding,
as my heart
continues pounding,
looking after
the effects
of the love that came

calling, is resounding

to you, me,
and the timeless
freedom we grasp,
when with each other, we seem

of a wonder
beckoning us forward,
mirroring the beauty seen
in nature’s preponderance, a dance

in-between, just so…

as we
begin again,
and learn more,
the shore,
like a diamond,
reminding us, of
the connectedness
of the love at our core…

feels like
water pouring
through my fingers,
gently escaping
the limitations

of a love
from before,
as we transcend
what was,
in favor of
what is to become,
in the future, heretofore
nevermore, only
ever forevermore…

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

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Photo by Anway Pawar on Unsplash

It at times feels so reminiscent,
when scars bear themselves into words;
and we feel as if there tearing open again,
just as the moment that preceded it,
was left on the line drying through time.

And you watch the line,
as the moments wave in the wind,
as you pull everything together, for
one more push towards your center.

Down deep, you stretch into the darkness,
leaving fear behind; and, wondering, if this time,
you’ll have the strength to carry on; and,

in the meantime

you look back at the line, moments there, some,
yes, fair, and some quite contraire. It’s enough,
you know, to face them all, one at a time,
giving them power once more,
while you conjure up the
courage to live


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