open sea

sitting in the open sea
watching the tide rescue the myriad

relations of me

my heart transcends the fibrous moon
as crawling beneath the flowers

I bloom

looking toward another aspect of truth
the fragrance of turmoil and pain still strewn

while glistening in the rain
are you

Photo by leonardodpf, Pixabay

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Photo by Liviu Rau on Unsplash

Though we often
Feel apart,
Watching life as a

And start

Of new events
Replacing old,
There’s always something
To behold,

A common thread,
Once pulled, now
Unspooled, it
Is the measure

Of our deepest

As entities,
Close together,
With a flaming heart,

Which is a
A golden part
Of our humanity,

Beholden, with

The prosperity for which
We owe our deepest faith
And gratitude

A connection
That never waivers,
And, yes, is often clever

As we dance from
Afar, it seems
As if we’re alone, yet
That’s the grandest part

For, we are forever
Connected, even in our
Darkest hour, when we are
Left alone, and feel dejected

Please dive deep
And take heart, and,
Remember, my friend,
We’re never apart

For that thread is always
There, simply pull on it once,
And even twice, yes, you can also
Do it thrice if needed,

All that’s really required,
Is to hold onto the knowledge,
That everything on this planet
Has always been and will

Forever be connected.

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A Dream

Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash

They come,
And sometimes
We run away

Looking for a bright
And shiny nether day
Or return
To our birth, which is

A place of renewal

With all the splendor
And accrual of a
Very fine mural

Where we see
All that was before, and
What’s to come, displayed
At the door, present

To the very eyes we adore

A history of a life lived
In kind, not rewind,
And yet we sometimes

Anxiously await a return
To the past
Even though we know
The moment won’t last

We still envy that space
Delivered, and
Yes, we even sometimes
Quiver with anticipation

An emancipation

From times
That can feel scary, and
Even withdrawn where
We may become quite wary

Remember that life
Is but a dream, lived
A gift and true sublime trist

With all that we see and feel
Both we may call real

Sometimes it may be easy, and
It may also make us feel
Quite queasy, and unsure

Yet please be reassured
That both
Are at opposite ends
Of a single spectrum

A dream, I reckon, yes,
And shall I progress?

Alas, I’ll digress
For the moment, and
Finally say
To let come what may

Because in the end
All is needed
Even when
We can’t quite concede it

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A Poem of Peace

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

Twas childhood days,
Once betrayed, and
As a part of our current dismay
Of times gone by

As we try to recreate, a time
And place of forgotten space, and
Distant landscape

A notion of a potion,
We’ve pulled forward
In an effort to alleviate our emotion
Of a common commotion

Of a mind restless and eager
To anticipate a thread, of the
Bed we’ve made bare
Though we do not dare

To tread alone into the emptiness
And stare
Out at the majesty which is there

We need not compare this day

With times gone by,
Practice the release
Of the surcease, during
This winters masterpiece
Of a life once known to be at peace

For peace is always there,
A comfort for your care, so, please
Always remember you
Are a child of the Lord’s Prayer

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A Wisdom Poem


What do you see
When you look in my eyes

Of times gone by
Or times yet to be

Questions you have
About that which was grand

And though they are
Please don’t forget

A full life-lived

That with what was
grand and noble
Comes also, the
Drab and ignoble

Love knows, and
Embraces both

For love we are
Trying for something more
Is nevermore

For Sadje’s prompt WDYS #52.

Be well everyone.

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Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Unsplash

When dreams are more real
Than reality
And reality is more like a dream

Take care, and
Don’t despair

Forever long you may

It’s not about time
For time
Is the illusion of all time

Rest in knowing
What’s there
And fair

Consider that dreams
Are as real
As reality feels
Both an illu-story

We think
Instead of act
Yet experience
Is where it’s at

and, there’s nothing more
Real than that

Out of our heads
Like a matrix
For the dead

Alive you can be
And true to become
By living instead

Think not of the hardships
For yours are
The same for all
As we each set sail

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