A Dream

Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash

They come,
And sometimes
We run away

Looking for a bright
And shiny nether day
Or return
To our birth, which is

A place of renewal

With all the splendor
And accrual of a
Very fine mural

Where we see
All that was before, and
What’s to come, displayed
At the door, present

To the very eyes we adore

A history of a life lived
In kind, not rewind,
And yet we sometimes

Anxiously await a return
To the past
Even though we know
The moment won’t last

We still envy that space
Delivered, and
Yes, we even sometimes
Quiver with anticipation

An emancipation

From times
That can feel scary, and
Even withdrawn where
We may become quite wary

Remember that life
Is but a dream, lived
A gift and true sublime trist

With all that we see and feel
Both we may call real

Sometimes it may be easy, and
It may also make us feel
Quite queasy, and unsure

Yet please be reassured
That both
Are at opposite ends
Of a single spectrum

A dream, I reckon, yes,
And shall I progress?

Alas, I’ll digress
For the moment, and
Finally say
To let come what may

Because in the end
All is needed
Even when
We can’t quite concede it

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