flowered aspects

I bleed from the trepidation within
of salt and the sand beneath

the trees skin

It’s like wondering, and wandering
around the needle of a haystack

rightly sized and trimmed

with a beneficence of hope, and
a ladle made from the love we once formed

Is it possible to love this much, and not bleed more?

I don’t think so either.

For, it’s in the form of the fountain
where love gets lighter

living beneath the breath of this struggling architect, and

the love that lives within
the next steps of his flowered aspects

I was excited to learn yesterday that my poem, The Seas Adoration, was nominated for June Publication of the Month at Spillwords Press. Thank you to Dagmara K, and the team at Spillwords for their continued support; and my deepest thanks, gratitude, and appreciation to all of you for always being here, supporting my work, and being magnificent friends.

Voting is open though June 29, and you can vote here. Thank you!

Photo by PeterKraayvanger, Pixabay

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