A Poem of Peace

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

Twas childhood days,
Once betrayed, and
As a part of our current dismay
Of times gone by

As we try to recreate, a time
And place of forgotten space, and
Distant landscape

A notion of a potion,
We’ve pulled forward
In an effort to alleviate our emotion
Of a common commotion

Of a mind restless and eager
To anticipate a thread, of the
Bed we’ve made bare
Though we do not dare

To tread alone into the emptiness
And stare
Out at the majesty which is there

We need not compare this day

With times gone by,
Practice the release
Of the surcease, during
This winters masterpiece
Of a life once known to be at peace

For peace is always there,
A comfort for your care, so, please
Always remember you
Are a child of the Lord’s Prayer

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