365 Revolutions

Angéle Kamp @ Unsplash

A candle do I see
Standing straight and tall
Just like a tree

A strong base that holds it tight
All throughout the night
Flame atop
Is such a beautiful delight

A number we are given
Each year we pass the test
Just like the rest within the nest

Of humanity, and yes

We are given other things,
Like names that we hold dear
All throughout our years

On this planet
Spinning around the sun, and
Every 365 revolutions we earn another one

In response to the WDYS #57 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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A Reflection Poem

Evan Clark@ Unsplash

Is that you I see,
Or is that me
Chasing after you
Along this life,
Yet You’ve always stayed

In place, a majestic space
Full of grace, and
A long lingering embrace

When confused, I look
And see
You reflected back at me

The love inside given,
Without a hand out
Always forgiven, and
Mutually driven

Toward tomorrow
With a sense of purpose
And always enveloped

In a love I see and feel
Deep down
At the core of Being

No mistakes or fleeing,
Always a returning, and
A knowing,
Even when times are tough
And slow-going

Always there in connection
As I stare outward
At that sparkling reflection

A mirror of my Soul,
Which doeth take part
And happily impart
Everlasting joy,

A true beauty to enjoy
Is this thing we call life

In response to WDYS #56 on Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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A Wonder Poem


Lives in all places
Where light and dark
Play and roam, fancy
To find the tome

Of your heart’s desire

Where lives the fire
That stood that night
When times were a fright

Yet, were also alright

Because you knew
the Truth
About a life that lives
By light

That Wonder

Extinguishes the darkness
Of all the hours

Until the flowers bloom

And also always loom
Like a boon
Of Wonder, for
You to discover

Know It is always alight

And knows
You are alright
Even in times of
Discorded plunder

When you are asunder

There is and
Will always be Wonder

Have a wonderful evening, everyone.

In response to the WDYS prompt #53 by Sadje on Keep it Alive.

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A Wisdom Poem


What do you see
When you look in my eyes

Of times gone by
Or times yet to be

Questions you have
About that which was grand

And though they are
Please don’t forget

A full life-lived

That with what was
grand and noble
Comes also, the
Drab and ignoble

Love knows, and
Embraces both

For love we are
Trying for something more
Is nevermore

For Sadje’s prompt WDYS #52.

Be well everyone.

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