dusty, and delicious

and delicious,
a fond remembrance

of times gone by,
a child of five,
eagerly awaiting,
pacing back and forth,
looking at the door, wanting more…

creaks now sound,
pacing stops,
gliding towards the door, I go,
stop, and wait patiently, I see

in the mirror, me

smile brimming,
heart delighted,
rocking towards my heels,
glee from within, waiting on thee…

the door opens, oh,
the sound, as
light comes forth,
the wafting deliciousness
is smelled for miles around…I

now bound up, and

over the table,
ready to dig in, selection
important, take only one,
towards me it comes,
biggest bites as possible
are just enough…

…until I succumb
to the last crumb…

In response to the WDYS#103 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

Image credit; Jovan Vasiljević

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Haiku #14

Photo by Slawek K on Unsplash

the sun sets slowly
eager anticipation
pause, breathe, mind at rest.

Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

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Christmas Day

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Like no other
The preparation
Made good, the day
Is finally here,

My dear,

Weeks of anticipation,
Bringing us to this,
The final moment, and

Oh, what frustration
And melancholy
Did I once feel

For most of the duration
Of this last round of

No matter, the weeks
Of turmoil, counting each
Paper link in the chain,
Red, and green,

Yes, they did alternate

With the unwritten name,
Of a day
In the month

Unlike yours, of course
Which is, and
Forever will be
The most hallowed of all

The twenty-fifth

And though we may not
Have always had a lot
There was always
Something hidden

Under the tree,
At that one spot, which
Became a memory
Of a mostly unspoken

Love, shared between
Four people, yes,
With their own turmoil
In the air, yet

The love did see
Through the trying
Times, and even, in a way
Brought us closer

At once beyond repair
And wholy complete in
This life-long love affair

A paradox?

I think not, more like
A life lived at both extremes
As we continue to dream
About all of our cares

And desires for a
Brighter world,
Beyond the pain,
And suffering

We can all bear

And on this 25th?

At once,
Please take care
And remember,
You are loved

By many, my dear

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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