petals and pearls

I take trips back and forth up the mountain
while relegating

the misery I feel, like a pin drop

of blood
after the storm stops

I watch

the sunrise
over my heart of flowers

our bed of petals and pearls

made from
loves most tranquil and delicate fibers

in the early morning, and
weaved with the fabric of our present glory

these two hearts, believe

in all they see

especially when pain arises
with the most pressing need

Photo by InsaneArtist, Pixabay

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Photo by Liviu Rau on Unsplash

Though we often
Feel apart,
Watching life as a

And start

Of new events
Replacing old,
There’s always something
To behold,

A common thread,
Once pulled, now
Unspooled, it
Is the measure

Of our deepest

As entities,
Close together,
With a flaming heart,

Which is a
A golden part
Of our humanity,

Beholden, with

The prosperity for which
We owe our deepest faith
And gratitude

A connection
That never waivers,
And, yes, is often clever

As we dance from
Afar, it seems
As if we’re alone, yet
That’s the grandest part

For, we are forever
Connected, even in our
Darkest hour, when we are
Left alone, and feel dejected

Please dive deep
And take heart, and,
Remember, my friend,
We’re never apart

For that thread is always
There, simply pull on it once,
And even twice, yes, you can also
Do it thrice if needed,

All that’s really required,
Is to hold onto the knowledge,
That everything on this planet
Has always been and will

Forever be connected.

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Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

In many forms,
A product of a life

It comes and goes
Just like a storm

In the sky

Even as we try
To hold to it tight
With all our might


Is something
That is always there
Even when covered

And we begin to pretend
That it matters not

Deep down
We know

The truth of the matter,

Is that
Faith is what’s
Guided us

From the start

It’s interesting
To ponder
In later

Especially when
You once believed
Your faith was gone

Left on a train,
Now alone in the rain

Without notice, yet
Even in that simple
Verse, is the seed of
One’s faith


In something

And, when
The rain does pour?

Remember, your
Faith is not forgotten
You, my friend,
Even when

You try your hardest
To run again

Your faith
Is there, so then?

Simply lookup,
Give thanks,
And say,

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