and… love… is seen. An Honorable Mention

Woman: Splendor and Sorrow: | Love Poems and Poetic Prose, by Gabriela Marie Milton

As you may know, the the winners of the Woman: Splendor and Sorrow: | Love Poems and Poetic Prose Poetry Contest were announced earlier this week. I would like to congratulate the winners, Virginia Mateias, Ingrid Wilson, Eric Daniel Clarke, D. Wallace Peach, and Timothy Price. If you’ve not had the opportunity to read their poems, I invite you to read them at, The Winners of The Poetry Contest Woman: Splendor and Sorrow: | Love Poems and Poetic Prose. The poems are lovely.

I am humbled to have been named as an honorable mention in the contest, alongside Joni Caggiano, Cindy Georgakas, Karima Hoisan, and Carrie Yang. I admire all of these talented poets, and am, again, honored to be named among them. A BIG thank you to Gabriela Marie Milton for creating and hosting this lovely contest.

Here is the beginning of the poem I entered into the contest.

and… love… is seen.

is not the end
this story may commence
like petals on a flowers recompense

as love breaks the moon in two
I’m reminded of you
tranquility among stormy seas
the key


I would be honored if you would visit Gabriela’s site, Short Prose, and read the rest of my poem, and the poems of the other honorable mentions. Thank you!

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