A Perspective Poem

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Time flies away
That which we try to see by day
Never stopping in times array
Of a distant, yet close ballet

Of moving parts and pieces
A dance, seemingly unordered
And static that ceases

A play in motion, which
Can cause quite the commotion
Of mind, until we find
That peace of Mind, which
Comes with devotion, and

Faith in that which is unseen
And seen, beauty
Is in the eye of the beholder, of

A knowing that shoulders

A fire that burns and smolders
Like a love that is bolder, and
Just as it soon as it seems colder
An awareness dawns, bright

With a voluminous light, which
Negates the night, and
Warms us within our heart’s delight

Be well, everyone.

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