radiance wild

trepidation is a trickle of dew
upon a flower sitting kindly

in the afternoon sun

long and lovely
bending towards the warmth of your smile

a radiance wild

nesting inside my heart
weaved of colors long and short

blues, lavenders, and pinks, always remind me of you

a rainbow festival calls
while I linger in the shadows petals
and their beautiful hues

falling from the sky
a love canopy goes by

dropping the essence of our love
purely divined

and oft remembered during these most magical of times

Photo by ArtTower, Pixabay

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a gentle touch

passion lives in the wind
and in every pocket of your skin

just as magic resides
in our hearts and minds

Do you remember how it felt when kindness reigned the night?

love burned brighter than it’s ever been
caressing every tree limb

while dripping with a gentle touch
it’s just enough

to know you are there, and I am here

waiting upon your kiss carried on the wind
like seeds floating through the atmosphere

the membrane between you and I becomes thin

Photo by David_Do, Pixabay

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sweet, like sugar cane…

the key fits the lock just right, as it did
on that fateful night, when we first met,
feeling free

were we

to explore, understanding our hearts’ galore,

that first step, in a multifaceted romance,

deep feelings lasting centuries, unbound, limitless,
and grounded in a love,

found under a field of compassion, where flowers
grow tall, and their hearts sprout everything,
no doubt


resoluteness, replaced all doubt, and what did sprout,
was tender as a supple branch, blowing
in the afternoon breeze

and, as I reach for my keys one last time, I reminisce on all
the love we felt within, and know
time will move on

yet what will remain is the key just the same,
the one we used to unlock years
of passionate embrace

and a love that was sweet, like sugar cane…

In response to the WDYS#108 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

Image credit; Photomix company @ Pixabay

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a love so thick

Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash

the rising sun
reminds me,
of the
collective setting,
as we
cast our nets

lest we
the love
we never met…

reflecting upon
the dream,
I’m reminded
of you,
as roots belong to trees,
you, and me,
are one behind the breeze

of a love

with such fervor,
it’s hard to
the temperature
in the room
the day we met
the covers, spent


in a love
so thick,
it fills the room
with a life of its own

we swoon

the futility
of trying
to capture
its essence
in purity

we simply

just be

each other,
like we’ll
never have
another night
to spend together,
forever loving…

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