#NatureSpeaks: 30 Poems in 30 Days – Day 2: Something Stuck, by Tricia Sankey

I fall from white skies
and curse cold air

it’s snowing

I feel the heat
as you rise

with eyes

(you make no sound)

does it captivate God to watch
us both spin around?

I splash into waves
but your warm aroma

still clings

I climb up tall trees
and sit with butterflies

(they surround)

we weave our own
happy endings

still, your scent
never leaves

Something Stuck was inspired by the poem, Butterfly Love. You can read more of Tricia Sankey’s poetry at https://milspouseprose.com or www.triciasankey.com.

Image Credit: Cindy Scott at www.ArtStudio444.com

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