so… let us begin…

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

the river runs
north and south,
feeling the drift
of the current begin,
letting go
of the trembling within

for now…

more on the banks,
eddies sharply tasked
with creating stability,
loose leaves raining down,
for deliriums sake

a break…

not far away,
stowed, and a little
out of control
wanting to resign,
as the love
of my life
passes by

along the shore,
greeting the love,
missed by a kiss,
forevermore, remiss

the light…

through the trees,
dancing, and
so majestically
the being withdrawn
from within, so…

let us begin…

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brushed ourselves with the winds

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

sparkling seas, reminiscent
of sparkling eyes,
as they laid upon
me that very first time

the open trees,
where we laid
so quietly

the presence,
or stirring, of some
other kind of mention

how sublime
it is in reflection

not known
by name,
only ever by the
feeling that came

in that moment,
as we held hands,
and looked up
at the opening,
so vast, ah, the beauty
is here at last

will it stay
was not even
a question we asked

there was
no need, as we began
to climb from the field
into the air, and whispered
among the trees songs,
so sincere,
and beautiful in contrast

a melody,
cast from shadows,
as they dance among the
gallows, and halls,
of times shallow walls

jumped over
so quick,
we were thin footed,
and running

in two,
we then split

as we
gathered up
and brushed
ourselves with
the winds, and broke
melancholy on a whim

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let our love be displayed

Image credit; Shane Rounce @ Unsplash

are the trees,
that live so long
in-between, the myriad
noise and clatter,
of the unsuspecting dream

in place,
they wait, silently
drawing strength from
the majesty pouring forth,
from the earth’s very core

by the clay beneath,
they reach for the sky,
and listen for our lullaby

to begin

we coalesce
beside their very best,
and remind ourselves
they are of nature,
and, our makers very best


it is within
our hearts, that lives
the truest test

our resilience
to match
their guidance,
alongside a millennia
of previous trauma


continues today,
let us please pray

and, give thanks
on this day,
for the beauty
living inside
the trees dismay,
not often
enough conveyed

often betrayed,
so, let our love
be displayed

In response to the WDYS #93 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Dancing Trees

Photo by Studio Dekorasyon on Unsplash

Have you ever seen
a treen
dancing brilliantly,
just as the wind
whips up and flows
gently among
the branches and
the tender fibers of it’s being,
ever so elegantly?

Walking along the sidewalk,
cracks in its façade,
yet whole and solidifying.

The wind behind you,
you forward,
just as you are pulled
into another dimension
of being;


you look up
to witness
Nature smiling,
while continually
providing you

to our existence,
trees dancing
in the sunlight,
glinting and radiating
their essence
of everlasting delight.

You know from within,
they are
dancing for you,
and you pause,
to take in all of their splendor,
big smile on your face,
and you laugh and giggle
just like you did
when you were little.

Oh, the joy,
of nature’s gifts
bestowed upon
us all,
it’s enough to forestall,
while you continue
to watch
them dancing,

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