a love so thick

Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash

the rising sun
reminds me,
of the
collective setting,
as we
cast our nets

lest we
the love
we never met…

reflecting upon
the dream,
I’m reminded
of you,
as roots belong to trees,
you, and me,
are one behind the breeze

of a love

with such fervor,
it’s hard to
the temperature
in the room
the day we met
the covers, spent


in a love
so thick,
it fills the room
with a life of its own

we swoon

the futility
of trying
to capture
its essence
in purity

we simply

just be

each other,
like we’ll
never have
another night
to spend together,
forever loving…

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Photo by Davide Sibilio on Unsplash

Along the water’s edge
Just like an old friend
You and I,

At once apart
And, yet,
All the while let’s
Not depart,

As I take a step
And the wave rolls in
Sparking and lovely
And, then

You shine forth

Upon my face, and
I glance up into
A manginficance

Not a one can replace

With a memory, no
Only with the experience
This moment brings
As we move toward each other,

And, are together, clouds
Pass over, and cover you
From view, yet
Only for an instance

And, then your back
Within my purview

Sand is soft and damp
Under foot
Small granules of life
Which bear

A resemblance of

My gratitude for your
Insistence, and

This moment, which lasts
Across all existence

You shine forth again,
A miracle in the distance
Of a collisioned aftermath

Not of destruction,
Only of pure love and devotion
For you and I

Are actually not
Separated by distance

So let’s hold hands again,
And continue our journey
Upon the sands
Within the hour glass

Of time, walking side by side
Are you and I

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