helios of pain, Published at MasticadoresIndia

I am so pleased to announce that my poem, helios of pain, is now available at MasticadoresIndia. Thank you to Terveen Gill, and the team at MasticadoresIndia for their continued support, and for publishing this piece.

helios of pain

birds fly through the sky
as in my heart, our love always resides

and mistaking a beat or two
for a remedy made of oranges that are blue…

I would be honored if you would go here, and read the rest of my poem. Thank you!

Photo by ractapopulous, Pixabay

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conjure up love, wildly…

fingers trace the landscape, of a love once
beloved, just as the tree limbs speak
to me, of the dream
living inside
the breeze,

the gloom, remind me of lessons learned, from
the myriad pushes, and pulls,
orbiting around

it’s as if the flowers were speaking to ancient
lands, bestowing their kindness
within, of the time,

they continue to focus on our hearts, showing us
how to conjure up love, wildly,
while allowing our
ignite nightly…

Photo by Hans, Pixabay

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Our Souls Collective Being

Photo by Jerry Zhang on Unsplash

wish upon a star
dropped down
from afar,
passed knowing, being,
and our collective

beyond time,
and all the rest
of our misgivings’


us back to here,
watching, learning,
loving, and as
we keep trudging, we
realize the truth

in the process
of becoming.

a flower unfolds,
it’s heart bared
for you to see,
mirroring the majesty
of a moment
typically unseen.

in this knowing,
we accept
and also protect
the myriad of
written upon
the wall of time
with the essence
of our souls
collective being.

Utmost Feelings – Coming Soon!

If you’ve not yet checked out Astha’s Anthology, Utmost Feelings, please check it out when you have a chance, and share as you are able. Thank you.

Additionally, the coauthors of Astha’s Anthology, Utmost Feelings, are creating a space for people to send their sentiments to Astha’s family.

If you are interested, please add your sentiments to this form, thank you, and stay blessed.

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Presence is Present as a Present: Amber and Jeff (2)

Photo by Jamie Pilgrim on Unsplash

I sit and stare out the window,
as light, refracting,
dances and glints at me,
reminiscent of memories of another
filling my face with light that
glows brightly from within as
the presence
sits upright and holds tight.

Within the temple of my senses,
the mystery I contemplate
awakens me
to the quiet immensity
of the antenna of my satellite.

I watch, listen, and learn, from
the presence fills me with such
delight, and
the awakening keeps my mind clear

The outer world’s reflection
is alive with sprites,
beings in this garden
of Gaia’s night.

the sense of alight
you feel,
as you watch,
the silent observer within,
for the next part of this
we may call life’s present to

Dreaming imagination,
yet steady observance
within this soul vehicle,
drifting in and out
of shades of consciousness
whilst grounding to the foundations
of the earth’s core vibration.

Within and without, such
a dance of wonder and joy
to conjure and explore. Stay and move
with the vibration that’s there, for it’s the gift
of this life’s stability and core.

Presence is present as a present,
multitudes of every giving galore.

We hope you enjoyed this second collaboration between Amber of DiosRaw and myself. Much fun.

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