Photo by Ronny Sison on Unsplash

I strum the guitar,
just as the dream begins, and close
my eyes, and look within.
The sound coming from this instrument
fills me with a knowing
that feels like the best of times akin.

Back and forth, and forth and back,
all the while there’s more coming.
Hands slide up and down the neck,
fingers tired,
yet no one remembers,
because the music
Is simply glorious in all it’s radiance.

The vibration shakes my being,
core holding tight
to this very special delight.
Skin prickles, wakes up,
just as the goose bumps begin to flush.

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Presence is Present as a Present: Amber and Jeff (2)

Photo by Jamie Pilgrim on Unsplash

I sit and stare out the window,
as light, refracting,
dances and glints at me,
reminiscent of memories of another
filling my face with light that
glows brightly from within as
the presence
sits upright and holds tight.

Within the temple of my senses,
the mystery I contemplate
awakens me
to the quiet immensity
of the antenna of my satellite.

I watch, listen, and learn, from
the presence fills me with such
delight, and
the awakening keeps my mind clear

The outer world’s reflection
is alive with sprites,
beings in this garden
of Gaia’s night.

the sense of alight
you feel,
as you watch,
the silent observer within,
for the next part of this
we may call life’s present to

Dreaming imagination,
yet steady observance
within this soul vehicle,
drifting in and out
of shades of consciousness
whilst grounding to the foundations
of the earth’s core vibration.

Within and without, such
a dance of wonder and joy
to conjure and explore. Stay and move
with the vibration that’s there, for it’s the gift
of this life’s stability and core.

Presence is present as a present,
multitudes of every giving galore.

We hope you enjoyed this second collaboration between Amber of DiosRaw and myself. Much fun.

#poetry, #awakening, #consciousness, #contemplation, #gaia, #imagination, #introspection, #light, #memories, #poem, #poems, #presence, #present, #senses, #soul, #stability, #vibration