wind chimes

a desolate street feeds
my dreams

with pain and hope both
don’t you know

it’s part of the mystery hidden
inside the love we show

to the sky, and to the people walking by
as we learn more about the lights glimmering in the night

they whisper of shadows long and tall
relational aspects of

our drawn out

ready to depart this plane for another
on the winds of time

and the gentleness of the breeze
my grandmother’s wind chimes, speak to me

of tarnished tears shed over years and years

and of everything you and I hold dear

I’m excited to let you all know that my debut book manuscript is complete! I would like to thank Ingrid Wilson, from Experiments in Fiction, for many fabulous insights, and wonderful editing work. We are now on to book creation and cover design. Exciting!

Photo by Counselling, Pixabay

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