love’s muse

I stand on a pedestal of
ice, a cold wind blown from afar and

escaping lips
of tender, and delicate

a shift
in consciousness, and
in a history

with fields of understanding
a common feeling

coming home to roost
in hearts filled with love’s muse

Photo by 12019, Pixabay

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Hidden Dreams, Published at MasticadoresIndia

I am pleased to announce that my poem, Hidden Dreams, is now available at MasticadoresIndia. Thank you to Terveen Gill, and the team at MasticadoresIndia for their continued support, and for publishing this piece.

Hidden Dreams

There are dreams
within buildings
towering upon hills

and beneath
the surface of the sky

a transparent beauty…

I’d be honored if you would read the full poem here. Thank you!

Here are two more poetic responses to the Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow: 30 Poems in 30 Days Collaboration.

Love’s Heights

love is like the tether of
a kite
grasping, and holding tight

the sun
into the heights
it flies

wonderment and awe
fill time, and trepidation does too

a balance of mutually beneficial

riding through the sky

Love’s Heights was inspired by the poem Love’s Trial by Dawn Minott.

Final Sigh

I sit in silence
and ponder the sky

the celestial bodies

in the night

in my heart

I find the divine

ascending toward infinity, I realize

makes love possible in every shape and size
and in every eye

awaiting, am I

the faintest breath

and this, the final sigh

Final Sigh was inspired by the poem, Divine Flight by Layla Todd.

Jeff Flesch

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow

Co-Author, #1 Amazon Bestseller, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women

Jan/Feb 2022 Author of the Month, Spillwords Press

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lonely trails

I walk
along lonely trails
desolate footpaths, where my heart

in an economy of grief
and despair

these two feelings
come without thought or conception

relegating needs to another

a place to lay down our weights

pick up the threads of love, lingering
in the shade

they continue to take shape

Photo by 1162835, Pixabay

My Dearest Friends,

Beginning next week, and continuing for the remainder of this calendar year, I am traveling within and without the country. The travel combined with my ever iterating and changing professional life will demand more of me, which means I will be less active here going forward. I will still visit your sites, and read your beautiful poetry and writings, however, it will be less often. I will also post less often.

I am choosing to pause, possibly indefinitely, the weekly prompt. As to next year’s collaborative project, I am still very passionate about making this happen, yet at this time, cannot write here, when, or how that will go next year; know that when I know, you will too.

Please know I am very well; all of the changes are positive, and I am very excited about them, though, paradoxically, I am sad about taking more time away from this space. This is how life goes, though, we never know what we will be gifted, and when we are open to all of life’s gifts, we walk into them with open arms.

I will update you here as my schedule and professional life continue to take shape in the coming months.

All my love and blessings,


Jeff Flesch

Author, #1 Amazon New Release Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow

Co-Author, #1 Amazon Bestseller, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women

Author of the Month, Jan/Feb 2022, Spillwords Press

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their own gift to shed

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

something always
draws me
to the page,
sort of like
a moth to a flame

tiny flickering
of insight,
ignites within,
and we’re off
on a whim

Sunset Bird
on my headset,
least I forget
the inspiration
that lives on…

in this
beautiful worlds

of blessings

we can see
when we
stay present,

in the reality
we know
is there, even if,
and when,
we are

it’s lovely
to contemplate
our existence
on this
planet spinning
through space

we go, where
will we stop,
nobody truly knows,


is a knowing,
for you and I,
if we
silently abide

which we feel
on the
loneliest of nights

to the bone,
with no hand
to hold
but our own

and, even
my dear friends,

you are
not alone,
in this galaxy
far from

as the human
we share
is anything
but commonplace

their own gift
to shed,
and when
exposed to the light,
it is truly
beyond compare,
and, oh, so bright

there, there,

on those
lonely nights,
we all have them,
fear, and fright,


truly astounding,
is the feeling
I get when I’m
connected within,
and, to
all my friends,

and, yes,

that’s you
reading this
you’re off to bed

a lullaby
for you instead

sleep well,
dear ones,
and never forget,
time is always there,
and we are
never, ever,
second best,
only ever truly blessed

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Experiencing and Coping with Our Emotions: There is A Different Way

Photo by David Lusvardi on Unsplash

We’ve all heard the term lonely, or loneliness, yes? Of course, right. Well, how often do you find yourself feeling lonely? Often, maybe? Especially right now, feeling lonely is probably more present for more of humanity than at any other time in recent history. Hm.

Alright, so let’s take a look at loneliness, shall we.

I want to better understand why it is that people associate loneliness with something negative, or rather with a negative emotional state. Sound familiar?

Yep, humans have a habit of turning certain emotions, like loneliness, into something that is negative, which is not at all helpful. Really. Example? Sure.

  • How often have you had someone ask you in a concerning way, if everything is okay, when you are emoting happiness? Sure, not often.
  • Now, how often have you had someone ask you in a concerning way, if everything is okay when you are emoting sadness? Yep. Exactly.

Why do we do this? Many reasons, some of which we will explore in a moment. Before we do, however, let’s define loneliness. Will be helpful for our inquiry. Here we go.


noun /ˈləʊnlinəs/ /ˈləʊnlinəs/[uncountable]

a feeling of being unhappy because you have no friends or people to talk to

​the fact of a period of time being sad and spent alone

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries

Right, there we go. What do you notice? Hm. I notice a few things. Okay, let’s pull these definitions apart a little and see what we get, shall we. Alright, let’s go.

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Emotions and Feelings

Human beings have a very hard time with certain emotions. Yep, you know. Sadness, grief, depressed, anxious, and desperate, to name but a few; and, yep, loneliness is also a part of this list.

Now, why do you imagine this is the case? Is it that there are certain emotions that we are “supposed” to feel, while there are others that we are not supposed to feel? Hm.

Well, let’s keep in mind that you cannot have happiness without sadness, yet we concentrate so hard on happiness, that often, I think, it eludes people. Why?

Because we are so desperate for it to occur; and conversely, desperate for sadness to not occur.

Yet, as was aforementioned, there is another way to think about and to know our emotions. For instance, to know that sadness must occur for happiness to occur. Literally. That is not a figure of speech, as they say. It is truth.

Without knowing the depths of sadness, you cannot know the heights of happiness. They go together. Always have, and always will.

If someone tells you that they don’t experience sadness, or that they are happy all the time. They are mistaken. It’s just not humanly possible. We can know more avoid sadness than we can loneliness.

Loneliness, like sadness, or any other negatively ascribed in language emotion, is not a problem. It’s not. Loneliness will occur, and when it does it doesn’t mean that you are a problem, or having an issue because you are experiencing loneliness. It doesn’t. Another possibility? Yep.

It is possible to subscribe to a different way to think about any emotion deemed negative or an issue in language. It is.

We can subscribe to a world where emotions that we are socialized to avoid or resist are accepted.

Photo by Adrian Moise on Unsplash

Acceptance of all emotions is freedom. Freedom from dogma about certain emotions being “good” and certain emotions being “bad.” Emotions are not good or bad, they just are. Yet, at times, some might feel better than others.

However, know that emotions you typically associate with negative feelings can actually feel very therapeutic. Now, know that I did not live the majority of my life experiencing my emotions this way.

Most of my life I experienced emotions like many people.

Avoiding and resisting the emotions that we typically associate with being a problem, or an issue, like sadness and grief.

It’s only been in the past couple of years that I’ve been able to truly experience these emotions and the feelings that follow.

And, I can tell you that is possible to emote and feel sadness and grief, and to do so in a way that also feels like a release and an unburdening of your entire self. That may sound a little dramatic, yet it is true.

When we decouple emotions like loneliness, sadness, or grief, from the typical ways people think about (and define) them, and socialize future generations to think about them, we are living in a new realm with new possibilities.

A realm where

  • experiencing all of your emotions is okay, is accepted, even embraced.
  • you are actually strength personified when you allow yourself to feel and experience all of your emotions and associated feelings in the way they happen.
  • future generations are socialized to understand their emotions in new ways, honoring the entire emotional spectrum as healthy and positive.
Photo by Carol Magalhães on Unsplash

Happiness and Sadness

As I’ve written, happiness and sadness go together. The occurence of one is dependent on the occurrence of the other. Okay. What does that really mean?

It means that we don’t have to subscribe to the notion that because we are experiencing loneliness that we are unhappy. Really. Even though sadness and unhappiness are part of the definition of loneliness, it does not mean that we have to experience our loneliness this way.

Better language might be that, though we may experience unhappiness or sadness about being lonely, it does not follow that we will always feel the same way. Further, when we are unhappy or sad about being lonely, it’s okay. Being unhappy and sad are part of being human.

Really feeling and experiencing loneliness and every emotion that comes with being lonely makes being with people that more wondrous. It does.

Right now all across the world people are alone more than, in some cases, like mine, they ever have been before. And, yes, there is loneliness, and sadness, and, yep, unhappiness; and, there is also companionship, happiness, and joy.

It is really important to feel our emotions, and to accept them. All of them. It is being alive. When we desire certain emotions over others, we set ourselves up for disappointment. And, an expectation that certain emotions will show up more than others is not realistic.

It’s not how the world works, and it is not how being a human works.

When we release ourselves from the expectation, for instance, that we must be surrounded by people and be happy all the time, we have freedom.

Freedom from an expectation that is inconsistent with being a human being. And, inside of this freedom, we have the opportunity to create a new way to feel our emotions, on our terms and in our own unique way.

Companionship and Loneliness

Just like happiness and sadness, there is companionship (or friendship) and loneliness. And, just like happiness and sadness, companionship and loneliness function similarly, yet are just as important to consider. Ready? Alright, here we go.

Can you think of a time when you had lots of companions, and still felt lonely? Ah, very good. Me too. Therefore we can actually make the argument that having companions does not mean that you will not at times also feel lonely.

You will, I will, we all will. Again, being lonely sometimes is part of being human.

And, just like being with people and also feeling lonely, it is also possible that you will at times feel lonely, and not experience unhappiness and sadness. It’s true.

Even though the definition of loneliness spells out quite clearly that unhappiness and sadness are a byproduct of being lonely, it is not always the case.

Emotions and associated feelings are quite complex and simple at the same time. They occur. And, they don’t always occur the same way. They’re not supposed to.

In my estimation there are a couple of things we can all do to avoid traps associated with expecting to feel certain emotions one way versus another. Here are a few of those.

  • Expect emotions to occur and know that they will always occur differently. If you always experience them the same way, it could be that you expect them to occur that way.
  • Relieve yourself of the notion that emotions are supposed to occur how they always have, or how someone else has told you they should.
  • Decouple negative feelings from negative emotions. They don’t always occur this way.
  • Know that it is okay to be lonely sometimes. Actually, it is necessary. Really experiencing loneliness, and all the other emotions and associated feelings that come with being lonely, will ensure your experience of companionship will be that more wonderful.
  • Embrace all of your emotions. Resisting and avoiding emotions, like loneliness, or sadness, will only ever get you more of that emotion. It works that way.

Alright, we’ve inquired into loneliness, and along the way also, sadness, happiness, greif, and companionship. Remember emotions and the associated feelings that come with them, just are. They are not good or bad, or right or wrong.

You will experience emotions at times as you expect. Yet, if you are open to the possibility that emotions will occur differently, and that they will also feel differently, you may be surprised at what you get back.

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