the love we feel on this night

the moon
speaks to me,
languages learned
through discorded earth

traveling from afar,
I quest into
the understanding shown,
close to heart, and
yet still from afar,
I’ve learnt…

distances purged,
I indulge in the urge, and
request more at the moons behest,
as seeing, sees fit
to offer more,
closing the distances met

between me,
and the seas,
trees, and flowers
blooming abundantly…

realizing love
is at the center
of all things seen,
and felt in-between
the moons myriad phases,
and my truncated

in this dream…for it is

in the unseen,
where life lives in this moment,
as you and I hold hands,
wish upon a star,
say goodnight to the moon,
and swoon, as delight

up our hearts,
and makes space
for the love
we feel
on this

in full bloom…

Photo by Manjunath H P on Unsplash

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the love of one another

I drop to my knees,
and give thanks
for the silence

this moment
and that, as common
as past circumstance


I dream of you
in the blue,
and look forward
to our next meeting, stay in tune

would you?

lead me
from this dream,
into another phase
of the magical stream

flowing this way, and that,
I consider all the options,
weighing down
the rocks and trees,
and choose to sit silently

breathing in and out,
just like the flower
sends love to the bee,
I think about
the ways in which
you touch my being, and
make the twirls go around and under

the love of one another

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

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their own gift to shed

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

something always
draws me
to the page,
sort of like
a moth to a flame

tiny flickering
of insight,
ignites within,
and we’re off
on a whim

Sunset Bird
on my headset,
least I forget
the inspiration
that lives on…

in this
beautiful worlds

of blessings

we can see
when we
stay present,

in the reality
we know
is there, even if,
and when,
we are

it’s lovely
to contemplate
our existence
on this
planet spinning
through space

we go, where
will we stop,
nobody truly knows,


is a knowing,
for you and I,
if we
silently abide

which we feel
on the
loneliest of nights

to the bone,
with no hand
to hold
but our own

and, even
my dear friends,

you are
not alone,
in this galaxy
far from

as the human
we share
is anything
but commonplace

their own gift
to shed,
and when
exposed to the light,
it is truly
beyond compare,
and, oh, so bright

there, there,

on those
lonely nights,
we all have them,
fear, and fright,


truly astounding,
is the feeling
I get when I’m
connected within,
and, to
all my friends,

and, yes,

that’s you
reading this
you’re off to bed

a lullaby
for you instead

sleep well,
dear ones,
and never forget,
time is always there,
and we are
never, ever,
second best,
only ever truly blessed

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3 Reasons Why Creating Alignment With Your Why Is Important; And, 3 Simple Steps to Create Your Why

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

Have you ever thought about why you do what you do? Maybe you already know, and maybe not. Either way, know that knowing why you do what you do is very important.

You can think about your why as the part of you that drives you to be the person you are today. It is something emotional, not intellectual. It lives deep within us, gives us our sense of purpose, and it also gives people that we know the knowing of who we are as human beings.

Here is a great Ted Talk by Simon Sinek about why your why is so important.

Simon Sinek

Though Simon’s Ted Talk is framed as a leadership principle, it’s applicable to all human beings. To anyone interested in connecting with other human beings on a deeper level.

As I was thinking more about my why this past week, it occured to me that creating alignment with our why, connecting it to those we know, teams we lead or work on, organizations we work within, and communities we belong to is also very important. Why?

There are three main reasons.

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

1. Connection

When we connect our why to those closest to us, we create and have a deeper connection with them. We are able to better understand their why through the connection we see in our why.

And, the converse is also true. People can better understand our why through the connection they see in their why. And, this holds true even if they don’t know their why, or we don’t know ours. Really.

Further, we can also deepen our connections with people that know us very little by creating alignment with our why. Why? Because inside our why, they can see aspects of themselves. Really. Think about a time when you were moved emotionally. What happened?

Chances are you felt a deep connection with the person, company, movie, insert here whatever you were engaging with. When we are moved deeply, we can see aspects of ourselves in that which we are engaging with. Powerful.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

2. Relatability

Creating alignment with our why creates more relatability with those closest to us. And, when we connect our why through all of our relationships, the relatability connects us on a deeper level to everyone in our lives, including our teams, organizations, and community.

We instantly become more relatable as a human being. Again, this is so because people can see aspects of their own humanity in your why, or your story.

These deep connections keep us coming back for more. Really. Think about all the people in your life. Think about their why, even those that are unspoken, or unrealized. What do you see? Still thinking? That’s okay. Here is what I see.

I see that we are pulled closer to those we can relate to and understand. We are also pulled closer to those that move us, inspire us, and touch us in some way. Why’s are powerful.

Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

3. Purpose

Simply, when we create alignment with our why through all of our relationships, our connection is deeper, there is more relativity and relatability, and we also create alignment with our purpose, or vision.

When you share your why with others, and intentionally create alignment with your why, you create a very special context. A context that welcomes a shared vision of a future that you are creating together. Whether that is within a relationship, a team, an organization, or a community. It works the same way.

Working within a vision is a much different experience than working without one. Truly. Visions are powerful. Visions are created from why’s.

3 Simple Steps to Create Your Why

If you’ve already created your why, awesome. If not, create one. It’s not difficult. Really. How, you ask? Here are 3 simple steps you can follow to create your why.

  1. Write down why you do what you do.
    1. Now, I’m not talking about pay, benefits, or some other intellectual reason why you do what you do. I’m talking about your emotional-self. The part of you that is inspired to create change in the world. Now, with this frame, answer why do you do what you do, and write down all the ideas that come into your head and heart. All of them
  2. Pick your top 3 reasons from the list
    1. Pick your tops 3 reasons from the list that resonate most with you. You know, the ones that send tingles up your arms and through your body. The ones that make you smile really big, giggle even, as you think about creating that outcome, or result. Yep, that’s it. Those are the ones.
  3. Create your why statement
    1. Now take those three reasons and fashion a statement. Sometimes it will be a single sentence, sometimes it will be a paragraph. Depends. There are no rules here, except that it needs to move you, inspire you, touch you in some way. If it does, it will move, touch, and inspire others. Trust me.

There you go, nice work.

Alright, that’s 3 reasons why creating alignment with your why is important; and, 3 simple steps to creating your why. Pretty simply, yet very powerful.

Next time we will take a look at 5 simple steps you can take to create alignment with your why.

Until then, keep creating. Creating your why, aligning your why with other why’s, and keep inspiring others to do the same.

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A Quick Invitation

Photo by Andrew Dunstan on Unsplash

I’ve written a lot about the need for all of us to take time to be with ourselves, for ourselves. And, it is equally true that we also need space to be with other people, when we choose.

Why is this important?

As I’ve also written about, we are social beings, yes, even you introverts. You are. Really. Now, you may choose to be less social, than say, an extrovert, like me, and that is understandable. Yet, you are still a social being. We all are.

Being with people, when we choose, is even more important today. Why? It’s harder to make happen due to the pandemic. Yet, as I’ve also written about, some educational organizations are pivoting their business models and creating remote spaces for people to be together. To connect. Important.

Well then, as promised, here is the Linn-Benton Community College Extended Learning fall term remote schedule of classes and training. Extended Learning Remote Class Schedule 2020.

What kind of classes?

Oh, good question. Here are some of what is on offer. Classes and workshops in, Foods, Art, Fitness, History, Language, Professional Growth, Gardening, Going into Business, Foundations of Business, Small Business Management, and much, much more.

The invitation?

Consider taking a remote class or workshop. We have some amazing instructors, and some awesome classes.

Hope to see you in class!

Stay healthy and well,


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