A Poem of Life

Photo by Kouji Tsuru on Unsplash

Doors open wide,
And yet I hide to abide
With the realization that
You and me are like a tree

Strong and beautiful with
Roots that go deep underground
In search of nutrients to flourish
The soul of abundance and well nourish

For we are meant to accent, and
Grow strong through all the seasons
In search of a reason

Stretching far and wide
With limbs that reach for the sky
Leaves grown a multitude of colors
With shapes all full of wonder, and

Amazement, as we move toward
That light so flourishing and bright
With all of our hearts delight

Let us then portend this night
As we move our limbs across the sky
And shake our leaves off one at a time

To live another day, and
Nourish that which nourished us first
Some call her Mother Earth, or
Our home and abode of birth

And call this place a sanctuary
For all that’s bright and light
Within a space you call your life

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