Photo by Kaja Reichardt on Unsplash

Up and and down,
Have you ever trod slowly
In the snow on a wintery day?

The feel as your shoe hits the flakes,
And disappears inside the icy whiteness,
Of the deserted brightness, looking around,
To see who’s there, only to notice,

That it’s you, by yourself, taking one
Step and then another.
Making your way along a path no one
Else can see, yet you know, you see

The path as clearly as the snow that’s
All around you. It’s awfully astounding,
And beautiful, and when we feel that quake
Inside, to know that you’re never alone.

Even when there’s no one else in sight,
Or who understands your exact plight.
A mysterious conjecture of our human nature.

These tranquil days, reaching deep inside,
To acknowledge both the pain and pleasure,
You’ve been resisting, while persisting always
Gives more power to our boundness,

Yet just on the other side is the relief
We’ve been seeking. All we have to do
Is stay quiet, wait a little while longer
And the seeking will turn into a speaking,
Releasing us to be found.