Photo by Eleni Bellou on Unsplash

They come in flashes
here and then gone,
yet when they are here,
the pain is often
more than I can bear.

the body with such fervor,
breaking again and again,
when it will all end.

the past to be here and now,
and yet knowing
that it’s just as it should be.
As it is. Right now.

That doesn’t
take away the pain,
it’s not supposed to,
is what they often say.

And, though,
I know this truth at my core,
there are times when everything
slows down,
the tides rise, the waves come in,
and it all happens again.

One wave, then the next,
against the sand
of my heart’s rocky shore.

And, as they come, I allow
the process to unfold,
knowing deeply
that it’s not mine to hold.

Curtailing these very
human happenings, is like
swimming against the tides.

And, I’ve learned
it’s much better
to take it all in stride.