lost and torn

stars are made up of dust, and the atoms
of the lost

and torn

I continue to read
while nesting my heart within the tallest oak tree

I wonder

about the nature of these feelings

Have they always lived with me, or are they a part of some other being?

Alas, I know not. I do know, though, that love
is here to stay

even when I’m sure
it will flee with the breeze

and, here is where I stop, and look up
to see if the moon is still in the sky

it reminds me of the reasons for my existence
and for the you, in I

and the love that burns throughout the day and night

Photo by Sina Katirachi on Unsplash

Well, look what arrived yesterday! I’m so honored and excited to be a part of this beautiful anthology filled with amazingly talented writers and friends. Another big congratulations to Gabriela Marie Milton, Ingrid Wilson, Nick Reeves, and all of the amazing authors. You can get your copy of Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women here.