A Poem of The Road

Corvallis, 2020

The Road
A path laid bare
For all who dare, to
Travel it without great fanfare

Bumpy it will be, and
Forks you will see
Left or right decisions are alright,
Yet choices never ware

For it is within our hearts compare
Where you must dare, to
Find yourself in times of despair, and
Tranquility both, in belief are fair

And, thus do complete our affair
Of a minute and distant, yet
Relevant pair, seemingly
Two, yet unknown and known as one

Left or right, choose one, and
Have faith that all will be just right
For it isn’t in the choice that knows
It’s in the poise that shows

Of the strength you have inside

A knowing that knows, of
The home that shows
That left or right, path
Smooth or stoned, will prove
To be your purposed road and abode

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