COVID-19, Youth Development, and Creativity

This past week, I’ve been reflecting upon the COVID-19 health crisis in regard to youth development. I’ve been thinking about the online schooling all kids are now doing, and thinking about how that is a fit for some, and yet not for all. Regardless, it is so important that youth have access to their education during this health crisis. Knowledge acquisition is part and parcel to creativity. New knowledge equates to the generation of new ideas and possibilities.

Youth also need the space to do other things. Space to step away from the computer screen, and get in touch with other aspects of their being. However, that is difficult if the brain, and body for that matter, are constantly stimulated.

For instance, today I had this wonderful insight about a blog topic for today, yet due to a busier day than normal, that insight went away. Now, I know it will be back, and spend time purposefully away from sensual stimulation to create space for those types of insights to return.

Youth need downtime. Time they can use to get in touch with their creative self, and just be, free from the constraints of constant stimulation. It does not have to be hours each day. To start, it can be 10 or 20 minutes a day. Taking a walk around the block, sitting outside in the sun, and doing yard work, or gardening are just a few ideas.

Anything, while adhering to local social distancing policies, to create space so they can be with their ideas, and think about themselves in different ways, not always connected to someone or something.

If you are interested in youth development, take a look at this site, which my son and I created this past year.

Until next time…

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